Sportsman’s News has put together an absolute great group of guns to give away during the 2011 year to those who qualify and participate in our forum. This forum is a great place to share your stories, photos, and video from all of your hunting, fishing, and other outdoor excursions. We will be giving away one gun a month starting at the end of April for those who participate in the forum. Registration is the very first start. We will be drawing one winner out of every person who registers at the end of April. We will be giving away a Smith and Wesson M&P .223 rifle (black gun). Qualifications are fairly simple. You will need to register on this Sportsman’s News website and start participating in this forum. Every time a person gets an additional 25 posts, they will get another draw in the hat for the following month’s give away. You will also need to meet all legal requirements of regular gun purchase to win. The gun will be sent to either the nearest Sportsman’s Warehouse or a licensed FFL dealer in your area. Best of luck to all and I look forward to all of your posts. Click here to get the ball rolling and register on