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Win Free Guns and Other Gear

Sportsman’s News has put together an absolute great group of guns to give away during the 2011 year to those who qualify and participate in our forum. This forum is a great place to share your stories, photos, and video from all of your hunting, fishing, and other outdoor excursions. We will be giving away one gun a month starting at the end of April for those who participate in the forum. Registration is the very first start. We will be drawing one winner out of every person who registers at the end of April. We will be giving away a Smith and Wesson M&P .223 rifle (black gun). Qualifications are fairly simple. You will need to register on this Sportsman’s News website and start participating in this forum. Every time a person gets an additional 25 posts, they will get another draw in the hat for the following month’s give away. You will also need to meet all legal requirements of regular gun purchase to win. The gun will be sent to either the nearest Sportsman’s Warehouse or a licensed FFL dealer in your area. Best of luck to all and I look forward to all of your posts. Click here to get the ball rolling and register on Sportsmansnews.com.

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I am the President of Sportsman's News. I spent 8 years of my life serving as a United States Marine. I departed the Marine Corp in 1993 and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. I established a place in the community as a mortgage banker and met my lovely wife Lisa. We built a great family with 3 lovely daughters and in 2003 we relocated to southern Utah. In 2004 I started Sportsman's News out of my love and passion for the outdoors as well as the desire to share our passion with others. Being able to enjoy your passion as a job is truly priceless.

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37 Responses to “Win Free Guns and Other Gear”

  1. Deerant says:

    Great place to share stories –posted 2 and have great responses–will be posting more and reading others

  2. 30calyooper says:

    BTW, TrophyHunter – Semper Fi, Brother! I spent 7 yrs…was a sergeant in Recon.

    ‘Once a Marine, Always a Marine!’

  3. 30calyooper says:

    Lookin’ good – I haven’t had a chance to try one of the M&P’s yet, but it’s a good bet that the folks at S & W won’t disappoint…

  4. lmarshall says:

    Just recently got interested in the guns this seems like a good site to learn more about hunting and fishing. The ar15 would be a nice gun to have.

  5. BUGGYFAM4 says:

    Just looking around and seen the contest and wanted to register and try to win. thank you

  6. aubug2 says:

    Just started looking into the AR-15 platform weapons. This would be the “pot-o-gold” at the end of the rainbow if I were to win. Keep up the good work.

  7. perryjjee says:

    Mike, you must have done something really good in your life to end up working in the very field that you love so much. Congrats! I have been reading the SN paper every since the store came to Columbia, SC and just got this websight link in my e-mail inbox, so any opportunity to read and share outdoors info is a plus. Thanks for the new websight, the excellent company, the opportunity to win a cooooool rifle and your service to our country.

  8. hawk says:

    That is an awsome gun, I would love to have one. I look forward to learning new things from your site.

  9. AKfun1 says:

    A free gun…for real?

  10. chrispy76040 says:

    i would love to have this rifle. sign me up!

  11. codylc777 says:

    Cant wait to browse thru the new website, was getting frustrated with the old one. I hope this one will let you see if the stores closest to you have certain products in stock….

  12. sparkshunt says:

    Even though we have Cabelas and Scheels here in the Reno area, I prefer to buy all that I can from Sportsmans! I recenty bought a Primos Killer B turkey decoy- I love it!

  13. DaveOfOregon says:

    I would love to get a new M&P .223. I don’t think that the coyotes in the area will be to happy though!

  14. rwheelerii says:

    Just started looking in the forums. It’s been fun and have gotten some good advice so far. Thanks for the new site.

  15. jrc says:

    give all the guns and gear to the vets.

  16. cannon624 says:

    My wife would love the M&P .223 I would surely be the best husband in the world in her book if she got that for Mother’s Day. Sportsmans is the best.

  17. Shadow72 says:

    I haven’t hunted since 1997 due to an accident that left my entire left side partially paralyzed. As for fishing, the only fishing “lake” (actually a large stocked trout pond called Rucker Lake) was “mudded up” following a wildfire that burned all the greenery in the area, leaving nothing to prevent mudslides down the slopes and into the basin that held the lake. But I haven’t given up and will be posting tales of my hunting prowess (not that good) and my fishing escapades all over the US ( I’m a twenty year Air Force vet.

  18. bucko77 says:

    hello fello arms man!,,,,i love sportmans news and lots of hutning web sites. i just got done looking at the new mossberg tact, .22L 25RD LOOKS LIKE AN AR15, VERY COOL, PRICES RUN FROM 210.-270 BUCKS VERY AFFORDABLE GUN. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED AN AR15, JUST NEVER HAD THE EXRTA MONEY TO BUY ONE, SO WISH ME LUCK AND TO ALL THE REST ALSO, BUCKO

  19. k9man811 says:

    Sportsman news is a welcome break from some of the others.Very good articles and ideas.Thanks

  20. jdamos says:

    I can’t seem to find a sportmans warehouse in my area anymore. I think they have all closed down.

  21. flyfishwa says:

    Thanks for providing a forum for the outdoors enthusiust. I’ll look for good things to come!

  22. rifleman says:

    Shoot only shoot 32 S&W short ammo. S&W Longs should not fit.

  23. moegy32 says:

    How do I get the Sportsman news copy down here in West Texas Since we do not have Sportsman Warehouse down here?

  24. MJM says:

    I can always use another gun.

  25. Brian Kellogg says:

    I would consider my self to be a rabid hunter, although in a bit different way than most on here. I have been a falconer for over 40 years and spend as much time afield with my dogs and birds as I possibly can. I also bowhunt for deer and elk. I’m new to this site and look forward to others hunting adventures.

  26. Maine Hunter says:

    This is my first introduction to this web site. Looks great> I and looking forward to using it and reading the Sportsman’s News.

  27. warthog says:

    I hope that we get a good group here, its always nice to have another place to go to find informationa and fellow outdoorsmen. As an added plus, fellow firearms owners. We had a Sportsmen’s store near our home for several years (Salem OR). However it recently closed, I miss it dearly. If you have a chance, check out a store in person, I can’t say enough about the people and products at our former store. I sure hope they are able to get another store in our area soon.

  28. mcramer says:

    Looking forward to seeing the sporting news this site has to offer.

  29. water812 says:

    Miss you folks here in WI!!!!

  30. hunter6 says:

    Trying out the new site look’s good so far still more for me to check out thank’s from Iowa ..

  31. griffy says:

    I have recently acquired an H&R top break pistol. The barrel is six inches long and the cylinder measeres one and one quarter inches deep. On the left side of the barrel is inscribed 32S&Wctge. Is this a 32 S&W long or short, or will it fire both?

  32. colbob says:

    Can we please have the AR-15? PPPPPPLLLLLEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEE!!!

  33. colbob says:

    We’ve been wanting an AR-15 for a while and this is our chance. HOORAH!!!

  34. Chuck Carver says:

    I pick up a new copy of the Sportsman’s News each month. I enjoy the gear reviews and reading about all the great places to hunt and fish. I also enjoyed the series on survival and emergency preparedness.

  35. Alaskan_Matt says:

    I’ve read the last couple issues of the Sportsmans News and found them to be much more useful than expected. I enjoy the stories and helpful articles and appreciate that it is more than just an advertising forum. Keep up the good work!