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May’s Gun Giveaway is the Smith and Wesson SD40 Home Defense Kit

The gun giveaway for May is the Smith and Wesson SD40 Home Defense Kit. In order to enter the contest to win the gun you have to register for the Sportsman’s News Forums. You receive one entry for registering and an additional entry for every 25 posts in the forums. Posts are cumulative so they add up from month to month and don’t go away at the end of the month.  A review on the gun can be found by clicking here. The forums can be found by clicking here.  Good luck and keep up the posting. Make sure you congratulate last month’s winner Ken Judd of Colorado Springs.

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My name is Dan Kidder, I am Managing Editor of Sportsman's News Magazine. I am a former Marine who served with the Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team Company during Operation Desert Storm. Prior to moving to Utah, I served as communications director for Georgia Congressman Mac Collins in his Washington, DC office. I am the President and CEO of On Target Defensive Training, offering firearms and unarmed combat courses to civilians and law enforcement. My students have included federal agents of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, ICE, local and state law enforcement, national celebrities, and the general public. My beat at Sportsman's News includes tactical firearms, personal protection, survival, first aid, camping, and hiking.

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10 Responses to “May’s Gun Giveaway is the Smith and Wesson SD40 Home Defense Kit”

  1. jfcole77 says:

    Great looking weapon, would love to own it.

  2. jcgreen2 says:

    Have a Springfield XD-M in .40. Would like to compare this SD40 to it.

  3. mutantpoo says:

    Handled one the other day. Points very well.

  4. richter2x2 says:

    Smith & Wesson SD40 is a nice gun very similar to the Spring Field XD family of guns. Either is nice for home defense.

  5. petebeck says:

    I would be happy to take one for a test drive! i can offer the southpaw side of things, and from all appearances this pistol would be nearly ambidextrous. It matters to us lefties and it would matter to any others who found their right arm suddenly incapacitated!

  6. studieman says:

    This gun feels natural in your hand with a healthy balance of grace and power.

  7. mccunem66 says:

    Now that is a “Home defense” handgun that I would like to have at home to protect my family. I won a Mark 5 from Weatherby so maybe I will be lucky enough to win a hand gun from Sportsman’s Warehouse. That would make me almost complete, just need to win a shotgun too. Good luck to everyone, whoever wins a gun should be happy with the win. I know that when Dan Weatherby called me and told me that I had won the Mark 5 and a plains trip to Africa I thought it was a joke at first but he was serious and now I have a Mark 5 and the trip is in the fall.

  8. carlisec says:

    this is a very nice gun….. wish i had one…. maybe this will be my chance.

  9. skyfire1 says:


  10. mab5k says:

    Nice Gun. I looked at it at the NRA convention.