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September’s Gun Giveaway is the Walther PPQ 9mm

Congratulations to Janine Nance of Gilbert, AZ winner of the September Gun of the Month drawing for a Walther PPQ 9mm. Janine, please contact us at our office at (435) 865-1680 to claim your prize.

No random picker icon due to technical difficulties with the program again. 😡

The gun giveaway for September is the Walther PPQ 9mm. In order to enter the contest to win the gun you have to register for the Sportsman’s News Forums. You receive one entry for registering and an additional entry for every 25 posts in the forums. Posts are cumulative so they add up from month to month and don’t go away at the end of the month.  A review on the gun can be found by clicking here. The forums can be found by clicking here.  Good luck and keep up the posting. Make sure you congratulate last month’s winner William Rose.

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My name is Dan Kidder, I am Managing Editor of Sportsman's News Magazine. I am a former Marine who served with the Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team Company during Operation Desert Storm. Prior to moving to Utah, I served as communications director for Georgia Congressman Mac Collins in his Washington, DC office. I am the President and CEO of On Target Defensive Training, offering firearms and unarmed combat courses to civilians and law enforcement. My students have included federal agents of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, ICE, local and state law enforcement, national celebrities, and the general public. My beat at Sportsman's News includes tactical firearms, personal protection, survival, first aid, camping, and hiking.

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159 Responses to “September’s Gun Giveaway is the Walther PPQ 9mm”

  1. dsinjakovic says:

    send me a gun

  2. dsinjakovic says:

    I’d like to win a gun. Cheaoer than buying one.

  3. candicepitcher says:

    would love to own this!:)

  4. dsinjakovic says:

    congrats janine

  5. knycks says:

    Walther is one of the few that fit my little hand.

  6. texan says:

    nice weapon

  7. lizliz says:

    very nice weapon.

  8. jimhray says:


  9. Old Chief says:

    Nice firearm!

  10. manzshark says:

    yeah I definitely need another handgun! maybe two and I’ll have them all?

  11. komar321 says:

    Nice handgun, Looks combat ready

  12. captd29 says:

    Great looking gun

  13. captd29 says:

    Would look better in my hand at the range!

  14. gtwheeler says:

    nice gun.

  15. KENNY MERREN says:

    wALTHER IS A FINE WEAPON I would be proud to own one especially as a prize!!!!!!

  16. cannon624 says:

    Totally want one.

  17. rycres says:

    would be a perfect first poly, havnt really found many i like.

  18. trigama3 says:

    Not familiar with this gun, have to go check it out

  19. gewing says:

    Nice looking gun.

  20. DaleB says:

    It would work great for 3 gun.

  21. hbolte says:

    Nice gun

  22. jcotys says:

    I would love to win this gun. I have always wanted a handgun but never had the funds tu buy one.

  23. dshearer says:

    show me the gun

  24. dshearer says:

    I am new to all this I have shot very little guns in my live living in california everything is illegal. I have moved here to utah and am starting to buy a few guns at a time. I would love to add this to my collection.

  25. jrelkhunt@aol.com says:

    walthers rock

  26. bobbro says:

    I hate creepy triggers.. like the Taurus P22. I’ve heard that this has a nice one.

  27. fishnut says:

    Me likey!

  28. leighannephillips says:

    Sweet, this Chattanooga girl would love to win this contest:-)

  29. scmattern says:


  30. pika_173 says:


  31. motts says:

    This is awesome. I’ve actually reading quite a bit about this gun lately. The short reset looks great, and I heard it is very fun to shoot.

  32. reelman says:

    This would be a perfect reason to retire my 380.

  33. Richard Bauer says:

    Looks like an excellent pistol

  34. hayes says:

    great looking weapon

  35. gobbler1 says:

    Fine weapon

  36. Yellowbeard says:

    Nice review,I’d love to add this to my collection.

  37. wildman2801 says:

    Nice gun

  38. bvbtrout@gmail.com says:

    bang bang wonder if Plexico has one of these? Grin

  39. bob jones says:

    would like to win this weapon and carry it when i am walking my favorite beagle i am a disabled ex service man and this would be some extra security in our neiborhood

  40. jfausmith says:

    Looks like a nice gun and I am in need of a new one.

  41. soup4x601@q.com says:

    Would be a great gun for my collection!

  42. millertyme says:

    I’ve handled these and think they’re decent guns. Wouldn’t mind owning one.

  43. richter2x2 says:

    Great idea –

  44. jrelkhunt@aol.com says:

    need the gun with blanks to thwart off robbers thieves and maybe politicians

  45. BaldPaul says:

    What a beautiful weapon! And the fact I am going to win it, makes it even BETTER!!!

  46. ilmarti says:

    9mm seems to be a good caliber to learn with.

  47. flstc2000 says:

    I already have a small 9mm, but this would be icing!

  48. Ushpa says:

    Happiness is a Walther gun!

  49. curt says:

    Very good protection, all I would want anyway

  50. deanshuck says:

    very nice gun

  51. Toprotec says:

    Great prize. I’d love it!

  52. zoom38 says:

    Nice prize. Would love to win.

  53. raben65 says:

    nice gun would love to have

  54. kkbrown says:

    A gun I would enjoy using!

  55. juicejac says:

    Nice Gun

  56. sl-eye_noyes says:

    I’m so excited!!!!

  57. Gerlinde says:

    Great Gun for My Collection,would work great for concealed and carry

  58. Mark Kain says:

    just what i need when i’m out in the field

  59. eptrucking says:

    Awsome gun!

  60. raben65 says:

    nice gun….

  61. mcvean says:

    would love to have this gun

  62. rick74631 says:

    sweet i want this

  63. CraigTheSweeper says:

    Thanks for all you have done! Love the gun too… sexy

  64. sigmundcat says:

    Congrats William

  65. dsinjakovic says:

    Hope I can win

  66. drjack3 says:

    Great opportunity!!

  67. rene guionnaud says:

    great review, would like for my wife

  68. diane3213 says:

    Absolutely perfect, would love to win a Walther PPQ. Congrats, Will Rose.

  69. shiveley says:

    Well, even though I know you can’t ship this one to me: I love the Walther!

  70. hockeydemon says:


  71. bkibler says:

    good looking weapon

  72. Cowboy 2 says:

    It would be a great weapon to be concealed.

  73. wishinghoping says:

    great gun for protection and security

  74. Gerlinde says:

    Great Prize Husband would Love it.

  75. n7mfq says:

    This would make a nice addition to my collection.

  76. firereader says:

    Great looking pistol, and it’s a Walther, just keeps getting better

  77. taylorluna says:

    only a baby couldn’t handle this.

  78. hunter61604 says:

    Never had one of these before. I keep hearing more and more about them. I think I need to get one to find out just how good they really are.

  79. THEKNOWLEDGE02 says:

    great gun.

  80. bryon4x4 says:

    Awesome gun hope to win it!!

  81. Rosalinda Vargas says:

    It will certainly do.

  82. stlmarkd says:


  83. naterizzle says:

    Thanks to you and all others that serve our country! May we especilly remember those who were lost 10 years ago this Sunday. I would love to win this gun. I am 27 and have been raised my whole life with guns, but am just starting my own collection. So far I have a Ruger P89 that I love and a Smith & Wesson .22 revolver. The PPQ would be a great addition!

  84. dansownzen says:

    I would love to win this beauty!

  85. KAOS13AL says:


  86. gbradley53 says:

    Gun control is a steady hand, would love to wrap my fingers around this weapon.

  87. Captain Willie says:

    nice to win, won’t have to sneak it in the house

  88. unclesam says:

    nice view

  89. Leg says:

    Very nice,would love to have it.

  90. CaitlynH says:

    My boyfriend recently got me into guns, this would be a very nice one to add to our collection!

  91. aar_cuda says:

    Love to have that!!!

  92. Armor_god says:

    Would be a nice addition

  93. fsdir@hotmail.com says:

    My husband needs this to add to the collection

  94. joechimo says:

    great firearm

  95. CCWryter says:

    Beautiful weapon… Thank you for making it available.

  96. kibbyster says:

    nice prize

  97. cobra023 says:

    i guess i would need a new holster :)

  98. wflanagan says:

    great looking walther, would love to have it.

  99. kflanagan says:

    what a beauty
    congras to frank

  100. Williamvon34 says:

    A nice piece to add to the collection!

  101. Cowboy 2 says:

    Looks good to me.

  102. patterson_johnm says:


  103. sporty50 says:

    Nice gun

  104. bgriego says:

    Would love to win this gun!!

  105. bartlettpair says:

    This would fit my hand perfectly.

  106. jefbay says:

    I like!

  107. gtashmore says:

    My father had a P-38, great gun. I bet this is better

  108. omendh says:

    Would love to win that gun! It definitely will pack a punch!

  109. alligatorgar says:

    my teal hole is dry

  110. bloodshed323 says:

    come on duck season

  111. deanshuck says:

    great gun

  112. hunter61604 says:

    Got to Love S&W.

  113. jackiethiede says:

    Congrats to all the other winners. I would love to win one to go with my concealed carry permit

  114. jruse says:

    Now that is a good gun. Would love to add that to my collection!

  115. shooterxdm says:

    Does Smith and Wesson own Walther now?

  116. shuntsman says:

    sweet gun hope i can win it for a carry piece.

  117. aopper says:

    I have a P-22 that I LOVE!! I would love to add this one to my collection!

  118. betdoug72 says:

    Would love to win!

  119. j9nance says:

    I gotta have this gun!!! Isn’t it about time a girl wins something? LOL

  120. hunterstorey says:

    Wow, I’ve never been a winner in such contests, but will just have to give it a try again. Saw of these today at SW. Nice piece! Would great to have it in my conceal holster

  121. bobkempfer says:

    Very nice gun. Would love to have this on my side.

  122. kibbyster says:

    great contest. love to win.

  123. spooner43l says:

    I would like to have this gun.

  124. kybuckbuster says:

    love this gun

  125. whizzergee says:

    Looks like a good way to keep the neighbor’s possums out of my yard.
    Shotgun’s too messy.

  126. amyherrmann says:

    that would be fun to win, congrats to the previous winners

  127. blkbelt says:

    The Walther is a great looking gun.

  128. mcrock19 says:

    Quality, quality, quality!

  129. gates2112 says:

    Dream gun-Love it!

  130. _TOMBSTONE_ says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these !

  131. aar_cuda says:

    Awesome gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. patterson_johnm says:

    Hope this works to win

  133. jayhawk87 says:

    Looks nice, my brother used a Walther PPK380 undercover . Trusted it as his weapon in tight situations. I would expect no less from this PPQ.

  134. marpau says:

    this is a very nice gun

  135. smithcr says:

    great looking tool

  136. debonaire0518 says:

    I like the sounds of that Quick Defense Trigger. Any Glock 19 users out there compare the two?

  137. starzine says:

    This is nice.

  138. ChaplainDGW says:

    This would be a nice upgrade for me!

  139. king89 says:

    Nice gun

  140. 123dlb says:

    I don’t need it, but I still want it.

  141. matsandy75 says:

    my wife wouldn’t yell at me if i “won” a gun

  142. mikeolsick@hotmail.com says:

    Nice gun

  143. rattlehead says:


  144. HumbleWillis says:

    I just got my wife a self defense gun. I’m looking for one myself, and nothing is better than a prize. :)

  145. MarkBetts says:

    Congratulations Mike.

  146. MarkBetts says:

    Sweet. Nice gun with great feel. Smooth shooting.

  147. franko says:

    Nice, love to win this one for my wife. She would love it.

  148. elkslayer99 says:

    Very Nice

  149. David Anderson says:

    Congradulations Mike on winning the gun let us know how it handles

  150. stormm4 says:

    I have a Walther and they are great weapons!

  151. carlisec says:

    congradulations Dan , and thanks for your service to our country..

  152. yotebooter says:

    Great review. “Butter smooth” mmmmmmm m!

  153. millerk420 says: