Being in the outdoors is a wonderful place to share time with family and friends.  Some of my greatest memories are with my wife and children on camping trips, away from the cable television and out of range from internet and phones.  Making sure you have a comfortable camp makes it easier to pull those family members away from the power outlet.

Camp Chef has helped to make this process a little simpler with the camp oven and camp oven/range/grill combo units.  You now have the ability to have a regular oven with you at camp wherever you go.  So, if you are one of those people that haven’t mastered the art of Dutch oven cooking, you can still have tasty treats like homemade bread, casserole, pies or anything that can be cooked in an oven.

There are now three different models to choose from and one of them is sure to fit your needs.  The first model is the oven and range combination that has been out for a few years.  It has a great insulated oven box that has two racks which will hold any of your standard 9”X13” pans or cookie sheets.  On the box, the oven claims to reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees, but in our testing, we were able to achieve temperatures of nearly 600 degrees at an altitude of 5800 feet. The oven door is partly glass which allows you to inspect the progress of your baked goods without losing valuable heat.  There is a temperature gauge on the front that will allow you to see the internal temperature of your oven, just like your home version.  Under the covered top lies two 7500 BTU burners capable of fulfilling any of your cooking needs.  The cover, as well as two pop out side screens, fold out to give you a solid wind screen.  This unit will work off of a one pound tank which will get you about 8-hours of cook time or you can purchase an auxiliary hose which will allow you to use the same unit on a larger tank.

The oven/grill/range combination came out last year and has the same oven specs as the original, but the top portion has eliminated one burner and now has a built-in grill top and one 5100 BTU burner.  The grill top is great for cooking steaks, burgers or chicken and you still have one burner for side dishes.

The newest version added to the Camp Chef family is the oven only.  It is much lighter and costs less.  This unit was designed for those of you who already have a great stove, but liked the idea of an oven.  The oven control knob for this unit is combined with the fuel adapter, but it still has the same great features as its’ bigger brothers and also performed well in our testing.

A full video product review can be seen below.