For those of us that need a little help zeroing on that big “Tom” or putting the smack-down on wily varmints of every kind, Bushnell’s First Strike Reflex Red Dot is a definite “Must Have”.  It is also an excellent, accurate sight for low light tactical situations, optimized for close quarters maneuvers, but versatile enough for all-purpose shooting.

The First Strike sight boasts fast target acquisition capability, with an unlimited field of view, along with 1x magnification and the high-brightness clarity of multi-coated optics.  The self-regulating brightness system in this great little red dot scope ensures you that the 5-MOA dot reticle is always visible, but never distracting against any background.

An integrated mount allows you to attach the First Strike to just about any weapons system.  It is 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof and built to withstand all types of recoil.  Durability, accuracy and ease of use all wrapped up in one package — Bushnell’s First Strike Auto-Brightness Holographic Sight.

When testing the First Strike from Bushnell, we definitely put it through just about any application you can think of. The variety of applications is just about endless as we mounted the red dot on all of the following firearms: Benelli Super Black Eagle ll Turkey Edition Shotgun, CVA Accura .50 Cal Muzzleloader, Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun, and the Ruger Mark lll Pistol.

The First Strike features a built-in mounting system that quickly attaches to either Weaver-style or Picatinny rails.  There is no set eye relief for the sight, as we were able to set it at a comfortable three inches of clearance when in shooting position.  We then moved to the zeroing in stage at the range.

The First Strike scope has an integrated photocell, which automatically activates the unit when you take off the protective lens cover.  This is a great feature, as you never have to worry about remembering to click of the power switch.  When you finish your range session, simply replace the cover to turn the power off again.  The brightness of the 5-MOA red dot is also automatically regulated by the photocell, based on the level of ambient light.

We started our sighting-in process by sighting along the barrel while aiming at a target 25 yards away.  We then viewed through the sight and rotated the windage and elevation adjustments with the supplied small screwdriver to align the red dot with the target as seen along the barrel.  We then fired a test shot to determine the point of impact and then  adjusted the screws until our shots were dead-on and then moved our targets out to fifty yards and followed the same process.

Nothing but positives resulted from our testing of Bushnell’s First Strike Reflex Red Dot Scope.  We found this state of the art little scope is a great tool for hunting, plinking and general target shooting for pistol, rifle and shotgun applications. It is engineered for speed and accuracy and allows you to concentrate on the target, rather than the reticle, thus greatly increasing your accuracy. The electronic illuminated red dot has been pre-focused so the point of aim always appears against the target.  By comparison, standard rifle and pistol scopes bring the target into focus only on the internal reticle
All in all, this sight is proof positive that Bushnell is again positioned squarely on the leading edge of advanced technology.  Their ever growing line of products shows their commitment to the great outdoors and when you are looking for high quality products at a price you can afford, stop into your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and ask to see the great line of Bushnell products.