Papierski’s Big Game Hunts
Craig, Colorado
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For many of us, hunting trips are a serious commitment of time and money.  With our busy schedules, getting away can be very tough.  Good hunting areas can be hard to find, especially when you are a non-resident hunter.  My hunting areas are managed for both good quality and numbers of animals.

As a lifelong hunter, I know what it takes to be successful.  Hard work and a little luck will find you in a picture with a trophy animal.  We specialize in small groups for a personalized hunting experience with higher success rates.  We do all of our hunting on an 18,000 acre private ranch.

A good hunt is more than just collecting an animal.  The chase and the challenge are among the many factors that go into a successful hunt.   I try to keep my hunts fun and exciting with no pressure to “kill”.  This is your hunt and your vacation, and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest.  I will give 110% towards making your western Colorado hunt a truly memorable experience.


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I have had the pleasure of know and hunting with John for half a dozen years.  John reminds me of a big brother from the minute you arrive at his operation.  He always wants to make sure that his little brothers have a “hunt of a lifetime”.  His hunting area is basically in his backyard and he spends countless hours learning his animals and their habits so the next little brother that checks in can enjoy success.  His knowledge of his property and animals as well as his ability to judge animals on the hoof is second to none.  He has a canny ability to make you feel comfortable in any situation regardless of your skill level.   He truly shines when working with young children and novice hunters.  This skill set mixed with  the fact that his properties are in the game rich environment of northwestern Colorado is a recipe for success whenever you book a trip with John.  The unit where he guides are some of the toughest to draw units in the state if you hunt on public land and will take you dozens of years to draw a deer or antelope tag, but since his operation falls into a “Ranching for Wildlife” program, you can hunt every year without waiting to draw.  There is an estimated 300,000 elk that live in Colorado and it is a pretty good estimate to say that nearly ten percent of those elk will cross through or live on John’s ranch sometime during the hunting season.  It isn’t uncommon to see  a thousand head of elk on a hunting trip with Papierski’s Big Game hunts.  I will hunt with John again and if you are ever interested in hunting Colorado’s Northwestern corner, you would be doing yourself a favor by giving John a chance to earn your business.  He needs more little brothers. – written by Michael Deming