By Sportsman’s News Pro Staff

Whether far away or right in your face, knowing your distance to target can mean the difference between a full freezer and an empty belly this hunting season.

Always handy, rangefinders have been a longtime staple of truly successful hunters. The new RifleHunter 550 from Nikon raises the bar on typical rangefinder technology. By including their I/D Technology, Nikon tells you the target’s perceived range rather than its actual distance by computing the angle as well as the range.

For example; if your target is 50 yards away in a straight line, but above you by 22 degrees on a ridge, the RifleHunter provides the shooting distance you should use rather than the line of sight distance to the target. As many hunters have learned the hard way, you have to aim slightly higher than the target when shooting at an upward angle. Rather than guessing how much higher, the RifleHunter tells you the exact placement you must aim your scope to achieve a successful shot.

The same holds true for those shooting at a downward angle, say from a tree stand. In fact the RifleHunter 550 provides a full range from 0-89 degrees, almost straight up or down.

With its lightweight and compact size, the RifleHunter 550 is easy to carry in the field. Its rubberizes case provides a sure grip in all kinds of weather, and its easy to access controls make using the RifleHunter 550 a snap.

It features a range of 11 to 550 yards, 6x magnification, an objective diameter of 21 mm, and a real angular field of view of 6 degrees. Additionally, it offers ranging in both meters and yards, and provides .5 yard measurements for distances less than 100 yards. And 1 yard distances for ranges of 100-550 yards.