By Sportsman’s News Pro Staff
Over the past few issue of Sportsman’s News, we have been covering the new APXg2™ system by Russell Outdoors. We covered the L1-Layering system being your base layer in July and in August we provided the technical information on L2-which is also a base layer, but in a little heavier fashion for the cooler mornings. September was a thorough review of the L3 soft shell jacket and pant and the L5 rain suits, which is revolutionary rain gear at an affordable price. This series is all you need to know about the fourth layer of the system known as the Gale jacket and pants (L4).

The L4 jacket and pants are designed for those times when the weather starts to get a lot colder and the whistling winds of winter start to blow through the trees and chill your bones down to the core. Being comfortable while you are in the woods is essential to being able to spend the whole day in the field and increase your odds of success on a trophy animal.

The material for both the pants and jacket are made with a multi-directional stretch fabric that allows for a full range of motion while still providing an extremely wind and water resistant fabric that wears like iron.

You can see from the time you pull these products off the shelf that they were designed as a complete layering system with no detail left overlooked. The first example is in the pants. Zippers along the legs that go all the way to the knee allow for easy on and off without having to remove the heaviest of boots. Super heavy duty built in suspender makes sure that the pants stay in place without the use of a belt even though there are sufficient heavy duty belt loops attached to the product. The elastic waistband in the back holds the pants snug around the waistline and eliminates any draft. The added fabric above the waist where the suspenders are sewn in makes the pants appear to be a modified type of bibs, but this feature proved to be well thought out during our field testing and sliding down snow banks. The result was over a foot of overlap from bottom of the jacket and the top of the pants which meant no unwanted snow where it didn’t belong. Cargo pockets on each thigh which zip are a great place to store calls or flashlights and the lined front pockets which zip as well are a great place to put your hands on cold mornings.

The jacket has some equally great features. We found that the turtle neck type collar when fully zipped up was extremely comfortable and eliminated a great deal of heat loss, yet when unzipped, folded down nicely and didn’t rub on the cheek and face. If you are a late season bow hunter, you will find that the tight cut sleeves won’t require concern that it will hit your bow string. The added longer tail on the jacket provides for a sleek design and also gives you plenty of overlap on the pants as discussed before which is ideal when sneaking through low hanging trees that are covered with morning dew or moisture. Both of the jacket and pant along with the entire APXg2™ system are developed in Mossy Oak® Treestand® pattern which has plenty of light colors and blends very well in the western surroundings.

As I’m sure you are already aware, we are raving fans of the entire system developed by Russell Outdoors. They revolutionized the hunting world with APX, but the next generation in APXg2™ at such an affordable price has set a new standard for quality hunting gear. The entire system is available at your nearest Sportsman’s Warehouse store. So, stop by and try on a set for your 2009 hunting season.