By Sportsman’s News Pro Staff
Over the past few issue of Sportsman’s News, we have been covering the new APXg2™ system by Russell Outdoors. We covered the L1 base layer in July; and in August we provided the technical information on L2-which is also a base layer, but with strategically placed wind control panels. In this issue we will look at L3, which is the single layer soft shell jacket and pant along with L5 rain gear, which is one of the best rain suits ever developed. We decided to hold the Level 4 write up for October and November which is a heavier, lofted product and has more insulation for the colder months of hunting.

September is here and that means the wapiti will be rubbing the velvet off of their new antler growth and will soon start to break the morning silence with the deafening screams of love. This is my absolutely favorite time of year. The cool morning air turns into warm autumn days and are usually followed by afternoon thunderstorms and hopefully a successful elk hunt. It is days like this that the Advanced Performance for eXtremes System truly excels.

The Zephyr L3 jacket and pant setup is super light weight and extremely breathable. Combine this with the L1 base layer and you have a setup that handles scent control and allows you to hike the rocky slopes without getting overheated. The entire system comes in Mossy Oak® Treestand® pattern, so shedding the jacket after you heat up won’t leave you without camo protection. If you opt to shed the jacket, you will be happy to know that it rolls down into a packable size which isn’t much larger than a twelve ounce soda can. The polyester material is super quiet and doesn’t lend itself to picking up all the pesky burs and seeds that tend to fall this time of year. The pants have reinforced knees and are designed to give you a full range of motion when bending or climbing a tree stand.

The design of the jacket offers full range of motion for the archery hunter and employs a tailored sleeve to insure that bulky clothing doesn’t interfere with your archery equipment. The jacket is cut with a rounded and longer back. This feature is great when sneaking through thick brush. I tend to end up with a good portion of the forest down the back of my pants with most clothing, but this design has solved that problem.

The Cyclone L5 jacket and pant is raingear on steroids. Usually Alaska is the best place to test rain gear, but this year, the mountains of Utah have been a fine place. We have truly tested this rain gear in some serious downpours on our summer scouting and camping trips. For rain gear to truly work in a torrential downpour, solid rubber material is usually used, which has no breathability. With that kind of product you usually end up just as wet underneath as you would have had you not worn anything at all. Or you may choose mountaineering type of raingear that can cost as much as a new car. Russell Outdoors has developed a product in the Cyclone L5 that will not break the bank. For a little less than two hundred and fifty dollars, you will have a waterproof rain suit that works in any and all conditions and may just save your life.

Anyone that spends time in the alpine meadows chasing elk or if you are one who loves to head to Alaska on a regular basis, you know that getting wet will ruin your trip and has the possibilities of costing you your life. Hypothermia is nothing to mess with and this setup is a piece of equipment that can help to eliminate the possibilities of that happening from a surprise storm. It does a great job of breaking the wind that penetrates to your core.

Just like the Zephyr L3, the Cyclone L5 is super packable. Tipping the scales at just under a couple of pounds and rolls up to the size of a soda can, this is a must have item. The exterior of the Cyclone L5 feels just like the Zephyr L5 and makes for a super quiet garment. It is extremely stretchable and the full length leg zippers make getting the pants on and off a breeze. Just like the Zephyr L3, the Cylone L5 jacket has the longer and rounded back, eliminating leakage into your trousers from runoff. The overall field test for both of these products have been flawless. Both of these items in conjunction with the entire APXg2™ system make this whole setup bulletproof. This full line has hit the shelves at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and is sure to move quickly with hunting season just around the corner.