By Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Women’s Apparel

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women (pronounced ‘pro-iss’) is quickly gaining a foothold in the women’s hunting industry. Launched in 2008, Prois made its mark by providing female hunters with a long-awaited line of high-performance, technical huntwear specifically designed for women. The line provides gear that can withstand the extremes and the rigors of the field, yet is designed expressly to fit the female form. We are also happy to announce our partnership with Sportsman’s Warehouse in 2010!
Prois’ unique gear has quickly become very popular among women who hunt in the western reaches of the United States. With gear that is able to withstand all varieties of exertion, it is a natural fit with the spot and stalk methods of the west. We designed Prois to accommodate all western hunting as well as the archery market. We felt that if we could address these particular areas, the gear would be functional for all cross sections. All gear is currently offered in Realtree Advantage Max 1 and Realtree AP patterns to accommodate the majority of geographical considerations.

We are often asked the question, “What makes Prois different from the rest of the pack?” Simply stated, it is the fact that each item we manufacture is all about performance…down to the smallest detail. We have created numerous systems which accommodate different hunting options. We have systems that provide waterproof/breathable options, baselayer wicking options, windstopping and water-resistant options and insulation options. However, seeing is believing. Our quality is unsurpassed and we hang our hat on the fact that we manufacture our gear in the United States.

Our Pro-Edition line is our signature system. Created with a 3-ply bonded fabric, the Pro-Edition system is wind resistant, water resistant, snag resistant and silent. It has a feminine, yet athletic cut to allow maximum movement. The system, designed for different layering options, entails vest, jacket and/or pullover options. These items are perfect for the earlier season hunts and the spot and stalk hunts. However, if layered well, can actually accommodate temperatures around 10-20 degrees. In addition to the technical fabric, the Pro-Edition line has numerous functional features engineered to enhance performance in the field. Magnetic snaps are utilized for silence. Our long sleeves have our signature thumbholes which aid in concealment, warmth and ease of movement. The Pro-Edition jacket has a 3-panel removable hood. All jackets and vests come complete with our signature scapular drop pockets which are located between the shoulder blades and are built to house activated hand warmers across the thermoregulatory region of the upper back. In addition, all pieces have an extensive lumbar pocket across the lower back which is engineered to stow soft goods or additional hand warmers. The Pro-Edition line is perfect for the female hunter who requires a lot of work from the gear she chooses.

Our Ultra system is created to function as either a baselayer option or to be worn alone in warmer seasons. The Ultra system is engineered with our 100 percent polyester birdseye wicking fabric which works to draw the moisture from the skin and help maintain adequate thermoregulation whether the temperatures are warm or cool. The Ultra line includes an athletic short sleeve shirt, a longsleeve mock-T shirt and our new Hoodie and Backcountry shirts. The Ultra Hoodie comes complete with an attached hood for concealment and warmth, bilateral zippered hand pockets and our signature thumbholes. The Backcountry is our quintessential layering piece as it comes complete with a zippered neck for venting, our signature thumbholes and our innovative 3 compartment pocket system across the lower back to stow soft goods, hunting essentials or hand warmers. The Ultra pieces are must-haves for any hunting experience the female hunter pursues.

Looking for rain gear? Prois has that covered as well. Our Eliminator line is engineered with a waterproof breathable shell, taped seams and waterproof zippers. The fabric choice is impeccable and there are few lines of raingear that afford the silence of the Eliminator line. Both the jacket and the pants are lined with nylon tricot which eliminates the clamminess that in inherent in all other raingear. The Eliminator pants are complete with oversized cargo pockets and boot zippers. The Eliminator jacket is engineered with an attached hood with external drawstring which pulls the hood tight to the head while maintaining optimal peripheral vision. The Prois Ducktail feature sets this rain jacket apart from the pack. The Ducktail is located at the rear of the jacket and can be unsnapped to afford the huntress and additional 12 inches of dry surface to sit upon. The Eliminator line has been tried and tested in the most extreme, wet conditions and has withstood all we canthrow at it!


Needing the ultimate cold weather gear for the late season hunts? The Prois XTREME system will not fail. The system is engineered with a waterproof shell, insulated with 150Gm Ultra Thinsulate and lined with our nylon lining system to provide a honeycomb of warmth. The system is made of pants, jacket and vest. The XTREME vest was recently named as Outdoor Canada’s Best Women’s Hunting Gear for 2010. The vest and jacket are created with deep-set chest and hand pockets, an attached hood with external drawstring and our signature Ducktail features. The vest and jacket also come complete with our safety line exit with magnetic tab closures located at the back of the neck- this allows the huntress to utilize any approved safety harness beneath the jacket or vest. The jacket also has spandex inner sleeves to reduce drafting. The pants are complete with oversize cargo pockets and boot zippers. The XTREME line is perfect for any late season, cold weather hunts and will be sure to keep the ardent female hunter comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws her way.


Prois understands that proper gear in the field is essential to the success of the female hunter. Sportsman’s Warehouse is a great place to come try the Prois line and gear up for the upcoming seasons.