I have been preparing a new curriculum for our students this week. As I tell each class that comes in to get their concealed carry permit training, “if you leave this class with just what you learn here and get in a gun fight, you will lose.” You should see their expressions. Many students get a concealed firearms permit just so they can carry a gun and be safer. The problem is that the typical CFP class is not designed to teach students combat focused shooting techniques.

In Utah, the state mandates the curriculum that must be taught. Now, we are one of only seven training facilities out of more than 15,000 Utah Certified Instructors who have submitted and had approved by the board our own curriculum. However, the purpose of this course is to teach gun safety and the laws of the state of Utah on the use of force. Similarly, the NRA FIRST Steps course, which is accepted by dozens of states to meet their education requirement, teaches shooting fundamentals and gun safety. Neither teaches methods to win a gunfight.

For the past several weeks I have been fine tuning our Advanced Personal Carry Course. This course is taught to those who have already taken a CFP course or who already have a CFP for their state. In this course we teach tactical pistol techniques, how to properly carry and present your firearm, proper holster designs to look for, how to utilize cover and concealment, the correlation between combat speed and combat accuracy, administrative reloads, and the mindset needed to win a gunfight.  Similar programs are taught around the country by Vallhalla Training Center, Front Sight Academy, Thunder Ranch, and Gunsite, to name a few.

If you are interested in adding valuable tools to your personal protection tool box, I highly suggest you visit one of these fine schools and learn the combat focused techniques and then apply those techniques to your regular training regimen. Additionally, finding a NRA Certified Instructor who offers the NRA’s Personal Protection Outside of the Home program is a great place to begin.  These programs will significantly increase your ability to identify, engage, and eliminate threats to you and your loved ones. And if you ever make it out to Southern Utah, come pay us a visit at On Target Defensive Training. I look forward to seeing you.