Almost everyone has seen the endless commercials on different gadgets for $19.95 or less.  They will even double your order if you will just pay the shipping.  The lists of gadgets that are out there are endless and if you don’t believe me, just flip on the television after midnight.  Most of these gadgets and gimmicks just don’t hold up to their claims.

The Rhino Clip is a gadget that you won’t find on those commercials, but on the shelves of your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.   It is marketed as a “Tarp Clip” which undersells its ability so very short.  This is a product that once you get your hands onto; you will wonder how you as an outdoors person have ever lived without.   Once you have a few in your possession, you will look at them the way we look at the internet and cell phones.  “How did I ever live without these things?”
I was on the way out the door for an archery elk hunt when the package arrived to field test the products.  I threw the two clips into my bag with the idea of figuring out their uses while I was in the woods.  I was packing into the backcountry where I would be sitting in a double bull blind waiting for an elk to pass within shooting range.  The free time in the blind allows the mind to wonder with tons of ideas.  I pulled out the Rhino Grip and let the mind go to work.  This heavy duty fiberglass-filled nylon clip in my hand could immediately solve the problem of getting my bow with arrow at the ready into position to grab quietly as well as keeping the broadhead up off the ground.  I unscrewed the clip, pulled a seam of fabric together and tightened the clip back down.  I know had my bow hanging from inside the roof of my blind and out of the way.  I secured the other clip on the opposite side of the blind and hung up my daypack.  What was once a very crowded ground blind was now a room place to spend the day and night.

I spent two full days in the blind waiting for my trophy bull to show (it never happened) and my mind came up with hundreds of uses during this time.  The obvious would be to secure your tarp from something other than the grommets since most cargo isn’t the same shape as my tarp leaving areas of the tarp to flap and gradually rip.  I’ve since used the clips to hang my lanterns from the inside of the tents.  Secure the bag of dog food as well as hang it up and out of the reach of the nasty little critter that thinks he is starving to death.  It provides a handy hook for just about anything that you would like to hang.
The uses for this product are absolutely endless and are only limited by your imagination.  There is absolutely nowhere that I will go into the field without a half a dozen of these clips at the ready.  It truly is the “World’s Greatest Gadget”.