If you haven’t tried shooting with a red dot scope by now, you need to give it a shot. The benefits are many, but briefly include fast target acquisition, illumination, improved accuracy, and greater flexibility than a regular magnifying scope or open sights.

Some of the drawbacks to red dot scopes have been the limitations of types of firearms they can be used with and their size. Vortex has solved both of these problems with their tiny but mighty Sparc Red Dot Scope.

The Sparc is very small as far as red dot scopes go. About half the size profile of a dollar bill, the Sparc packs all of the features of a several hundred dollar red dot into its 50-cent size. Featuring intuitive controls, night vision compatibility, and easy zero adjustments, the Sparc is a real performer. It is very light, weighing in at about 5.2 ounces and leaves room on your gun for other goodies because its footprint is so small. Even though it takes up little room, its 22 mm objective lens is plenty big to get you on target quickly.

Another great feature of the Sparc is its flexibility. Because the Sparc comes standard with three adjustment heights in its rings, it can be mounted on a wide variety of firearms. I placed it on the carry handle of my AR-15 for home protection, swapped rings and had it mounted on my Benelli semi-auto shotgun for busting clays in minutes. Because of its size, I was even able to mount it on top of my Ruger Mark III .22 LR pistol for amazing accuracy and quick target shooting.

The Sparc comes standard with a variety of mounting configurations allowing easy mounting on both flat top and carry handle AR platforms, target pistols and shotguns. If you are out looking for waterfowl, the Sparc is a great asset in quickly nailing those quick moving geese and ducks. Because it has standard 1X magnification with zero parallax after 50 yards, the adjustable red dot brightly shows your point of aim much like a laser sight, without sending a red laser beam down range to give away your position. A quick twist of the included 2X magnifier lets you use the red dot to better pick out targets at distance.

Even zeroing is a breeze since Vortex has thought to include raised ridges on the adjustment covers, which neatly fit into the screw heads of the adjustment knobs so a screwdriver or dime are not needed. Just flip the caps over and twist to your heart’s desire.

If you are looking for the ultimate in quick target acquisition without all of the drawbacks of a traditional red dot, the Sparc is right on target.