The Benelli Super Black Eagle II sets the standard for styling, versatility and performance by which all other semi-auto shotguns are judged.  If you are looking for a 12 ga. shotgun with unfailing reliability…The kind of reliability that you can count on, your search is over.  As the original 3 1/2 “ semi-auto shotgun, the Super Black Eagle was on the cutting edge of shotgun development.  The proven Benelli Inertia Driven bolt mechanism allows the Super Black Eagle II to shoot 2 3/4 “, 3” and even 3 1/2” magnum ammunition without adjustments.The Crio barrel is frozen to -300 F which relieves stresses left over from hammer-forging.  The result…The barrel moves consistently, shot after shot.  It also produces a smoother bore that stays cleaner and offers less resistance to the wad and shot.

Benelli’s Super Black Eagle II also incorporates some basic improvements, like the ComfortTech system, reducing recoil up to 48% without adding any moving parts or weight.  Compared to competing brands, the Benelli weighs almost 15% less, almost a pound lighter than its competitors. A new buttpad made of a shock-absorbing gel, originally developed for the medical industry, works with the ComfortTech system to soak up recoil.  Benelli engineers used extensive computer modeling to create an ergonomic design, so refined that left and right handers have entirely different recoil pads.  A new corrosion resistant recoil spring and guide remain free of rust and ride in a new recoil tube that is easily cleaned by removing the quick-detachable recoil pad.  The ComfortTech system reduces muzzle climb by 15% for fast follow-up shots, which allows shooters to get back on target up to 69% faster than the competition, making the Super Black Eagle II the quickest shooting and most reliable shotgun ever.  The Super Black Eagle II proves it…Perfection can be improved.

Whether it’s the heart-stopping flush of a covey of quail, the cackle of a rooster rising from thick cover, the sound of big hookers back-peddling into your decoy spread or just a trip to your local trap range, Benelli has just the model to suit your needs and fit the style of gunning you enjoy.  Stop in and take a look at the great line of Benelli firearms at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.  And if you’ve been really good, maybe Santa will leave one under the tree for you this Christmas!