Kevin Orton
Worldwide Trophy Adventures Application Specialist

Are you like most of us around this time of year, finding yourself repeatedly going to the mail box only to get letter after letter with that most disheartening of words possible, “Unsuccessful”?  Where do you turn when you’ve got that itch that can only be scratched with a hunting tag?  Why not consider a landowner tag?  Here at Worldwide Trophy Adventures we have hundreds of landowner vouchers or tags all across the West (referenced as “tags” throughout the rest of the article).  Typically, having a landowner tag will allow you to hunt an area that you would normally only be able to hunt in if you drew a tag there in the regular draw process.  Landowner tags give those of us that are used to seeing a lot of those “unsuccessful” letters a chance to hunt our favorite animals in our favorite states each year.  States that do participate in some type of landowner tag program usually give the tags to the actual landowners or allow them to apply for those tags.  The hard part is finding the tags!  Most states do not publish which landowners actually have them for sale.  

A great mule deer taken with a landowner tag.

The following is a little information on the states that Worldwide Trophy Adventures has landowner tags for sale in:
COLORADO is the state with the most landowner tag opportunities in the West when it comes to deer, elk and antelope.  As you are reading this article, the Colorado vouchers have just come out and the time to act is NOW!  As you may know, Colorado’s elk herd is the biggest of any state.  They just flat out have a ton of elk to hunt.  They generally don’t manage for quality, but they do manage for fun.  Elk are everywhere and there are units where they have some real trophy’s.  If you like to hunt mule deer, you should definitely know that Colorado is a “must-hunt” state on a yearly basis right now.  Colorado has done the best job of any state in creating a very high quality mule deer hunting experience.  It is not uncommon to find a bruiser in any of the hunting areas.  The great news is that we have a ton of tags for Colorado.  We usually end up with hundreds of landowner tags in Colorado.  They start at about $750 and they go fast!  Call us today at 435-656-0205 or go to our website at
NEVADA has a landowner tag program for deer, elk and antelope.  There is some phenomenal hunting in Nevada.  It is typically a difficult state to draw a quality tag in and getting a landowner tag is a great way to hunt in Nevada during those years when you don’t draw a tag.  Nevada does not issue a lot of these types of tags as a whole and they are usually very popular.  Getting your name on the list early is the key to landing one of these tags.  Give us a call if you want a tag in Nevada.  We have a pretty decent quantity of tags in this state and we can help you get one in the area you want.  The key is  planning ahead!  These tags go very fast every year.
NEW MEXICO is another sate with a very good landowner tag program for elk and antelope.  The elk tags are, of course more popular by far and with the wide variety of seasons and dates, you have a lot to choose from.  If you like to hunt elk with archery equipment, they have three seasons that can be a ton of fun.  We also get some great rifle tags that will have you hunting some awesome bulls, without having to wait to draw.  And I don’t want to sell the antelope short.  We have plenty of tags for you if hunting an antelope in New Mexico is what will quench your thirst.
UTAH has an interesting landowner tag program.  They basically issue these tags through two different sources:  a Cooperative Wildlife Management Program (CWMU) and a Landowner Association Program.  The CWMU options are almost always a guided-only type of hunt.  The Landowner Association tags are usually a little bit of both guided-only and DIY type hunts.  The great part is that these tags are for elk, deer, antelope and shiras moose.  Utah has great opportunities for all of the species you can get tags for.  The hard part is that they are very difficult to get a hold of on a yearly basis.  We have great relationships in

If you like hunting "Speed Goats", give us a call.

Utah with some phenomenal outfitters, so if you want a tag in this state, call our office at 435-656-0205 or go to our website at and we will get you on the mountain.
There are other western states with landowner tag programs, but in our opinion, how those tags are transferred and who they can be transferred to makes them not worth talking about.  Here at Worldwide Trophy Adventures, we also have an application service where we can help you develop a plan of attack and then get you applied for all of the states and species that you want to hunt.  Every serious big game hunter should be building points in as many states as they possibly can.  We know the process of applying yourself can be a daunting task and at a minimum, it is simply frustrating.  For most people, just reading through each states’ website, trying to find where and how to apply is enough to make you want to pull your hair out.  That is why you should let us do it for you.  We have over 16 years of experience applying in multiple states, plus we have the most sophisticated application software in the industry.  For a very nominal fee, we will make sure you are always in the draws you want to be in.  At a minimum, building points until you can draw the tag you want is just plain smart, especially with the price of hunting these days.  Call our office at 435-656-0205 or visit our website at and click on the application service tab to get started.  When you press submit at the bottom it will come directly to me and we will build your hunting profile together.

Kids can hunt with landowner tags too.

There are areas, that with a few strategic bonus points, you will be able to hunt some phenomenal animals.  As we all know, the draw process means you may not get a tag every year and that is why landowner tags can be so valuable to you.  They are a great way to go hunting in great areas while you wait to draw the tags you want.  In no time, between the draws and landowner tags, it is fairly easy to make sure you go on one or two PREMIUM hunts a year.  If you are as addicted to hunting as I am, for those years where you totally strike out in the draws and don’t pull a tag from anywhere, the thought of staying home for a whole hunting season starts to make you sick and is a tough pill to swallow.  A landowner tag can be just what the doctor ordered.  When you know going into every year that you will be guaranteed to hunt somewhere it makes it easier to sleep at night.
Landowner tags can also be used in your bonus points strategy.  It makes it easier to save points, so that you can use them on the year when you know you will have the most time from work to do justice to the hunt you are drawing.  You may also have a state and species that you know is going to take a long time to draw. This makes it easier to stick to your plan when you know you can pick up a few landowner tags that will allow you to hunt while you wait.  Using landowner tags as part of your short and long term hunting plan is a great way to make sure you can stick to your plan and get you on a few quality hunts during the process.

Colorado has the biggest elk herd in the states.

The main thing you need to play the game is a quality source that can get you the tags or vouchers that you want on a yearly basis.  Worldwide Trophy Adventures is just that source!  We are excited to be Sportsman’s Warehouse’s exclusive booking agency and application service.  You will find that when you book with us, there will be perks for you to take advantage of at Sportsman’s Warehouse stores.  In order to take advantage of our vast list of landowner tags, you do need to be a member of Worldwide Trophy Adventures.  However, that is easy and extremely inexpensive.  Give us a call at 435-656-0205 or visit us on our website at  Click on the landowner tag icon on the home page to view our current list of tags and vouchers available.  Don’t be fooled by the size of the list.  They go very fast.  Get in touch with us today and at least get a deposit in to reserve a tag for this year, so that you are not sitting home while the rest of us are climbing around the hills doing what we love.