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Walther PPQ – Field Tested

By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

In the world of self-defense guns, no gun maker has a more famous icon who uses their product than Walther.  James Bond has used Walthers for most of his illustrious literary career. From his early days of carrying a Walther PPK, to his more mature P99, Bond has always been a fan of the German company.
This year, Walther has released a new defensive pistol worthy of Bond. The Walther PPQ incorporates the best features of a modern defensive pistol with the ease of use and quality for which Walther is known. Available in both 9 mm and .40 S&W, the PPQ has a list of features that make it a great shooter with an awesome natural point of aim. The ergonomic grip guides your hand into proper placement and features three interchangeable grip inserts to fit any sized hands. The 9 mm comes standard with two 15 round magazines (10 in California) and has the option of using a 17 round magazine.  The .40 comes with two 12 round magazines with the option of 14 rounds.
Front and rear grip serrations and a light recoil spring allow users with limited mobility, say from arthritis, to easily manipulate the slide. Oversized controls also aid in the ease of use. The Walther PPQ is fully ambidextrous, with the magazine release placed on both sides of the trigger guard. The slide lock controls are on both sides of the gun and are full sized on both the right and left side.
The rear sight is adjustable for windage and the front sight can be replaced with either a shorter or taller sight post for elevation adjustments.

Ergonomic, comfortable, and fun to shoot, the PPQ from Walther fits the bill for a variety of uses.

Where the PPQ really shines is its Quick Defense Trigger (QDT). Featuring a typical striker-fired two-stage trigger, the PPQ requires only .4 of an inch rearward travel to fire. The short reset also aids in reacquiring the target rapidly and making follow up shots. The trigger is smooth and crisp and helps correct poor trigger control errors.
The finish on the gun is Tenifer, a specialized Ferritic Nitrocarburizing treatment that makes the finish extremely strong and durable. Tenifer coating will prevent most holster wear, scratches and other blemishes to the finish as well as preventing rust and corrosion, even in salty environments.
The PPQ is a fun gun to shoot, extremely accurate, light weight and comfortable to use. It fills the bill for personal protection, home defense, duty carry and target practice.
Over all, this is a gun that James Bond would be proud to add to his armory. License to Kill not included. If you are interested in winning this gun, register for the forums at www.SportsmansNews.com. One lucky forum user will win the gun we tested.

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My name is Dan Kidder, I am Managing Editor of Sportsman's News Magazine. I am a former Marine who served with the Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team Company during Operation Desert Storm. Prior to moving to Utah, I served as communications director for Georgia Congressman Mac Collins in his Washington, DC office. I am the President and CEO of On Target Defensive Training, offering firearms and unarmed combat courses to civilians and law enforcement. My students have included federal agents of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, ICE, local and state law enforcement, national celebrities, and the general public. My beat at Sportsman's News includes tactical firearms, personal protection, survival, first aid, camping, and hiking.

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12 Responses to “Walther PPQ – Field Tested”

  1. wshowell63 says:

    I have owned Walter firearms most of my adult life. I have always loved these guns. I haven’t ever had a misfire and rarely a jam which only happened with the 22lr. Great guns.

  2. crboyd says:

    If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for me. Lol


    Gentlemen, I rented and shot the 9mm PPQ yesterday at the indoor range and OMG! That is hands down one of THE BEST pistols I have ever shot!

    I shall digress…..Smooth and crisp trigger pull with quick reset, accurate and tight grouping, (I shot 7-25 yards). Fantastic follow up shots and recoil….what recoil?

    I have to agree with Dan Kidder (author of article) the ergonomics on this gun are nothing short of amazing. If you want the best bang for your buck and are in the market for a gun that is affordable, great for CCW and/or home protection……do yourself a favor and pick one up while you can, 9 or 40 you cant go wrong.

    Prior military, self proclaimed gun nut, with a nice toy collection.


  4. Old Chief says:

    Haven’t shot one yet but would sure like to try!

  5. azcarver says:

    Love my P22 the PPQ has to be as good

  6. gobbler1 says:

    The PPQ would be a blast to shoot.

  7. paladin72 says:

    nice, I want it

  8. redecker73 says:

    Good Review

  9. AKARAYETHEL says:


  10. guambo says:

    Great review. Wish I could carry one while I am here in Afghanistan, “sigh” guess I will have to wait until I get back home. Thnx for the review.

  11. shiveley says:

    great write-up. Thanks!

  12. debonaire0518 says:

    I like the sounds of that Quick Defense Trigger. Any Glock 19 users out there compare the two?