By Shane Chuning

I was pretty impressed upon firstglance at this bow. It basically is a single cam Destroyer at a good price point with the same reflexed riser and nice clean lines in appearance. Fit and finish was top notch with no noticeable machining marks and camo pattern was flawless as well. The overall balance is slightly top heavy but not to the point of being awkward. Coming in at 3.95 lbs puts it right there at the middle of the pack in the weight category making it a well rounded overall bow for all your hunting situations. After looking it over I went right into my arrow selection and overall tuning process.

The Diamond Dead Eye specs are as follows IBO speed is 343 fps, let-off at 80%, Draw Length 26”-30”, Draw Weight 50, 60 and 70lbs, Brace Height 6 1/8” and Axle to Axle length at 32”. The bow I tested was at 70 lbs and set in the 29” draw position. Actual measured draw was a ½” long so true measured draw came in at 29 1/2 inches. Peak weight was at 72 lbs and holding weight 20 lbs which is about 5 lbs over the stated 80% let-off. I used the new Gold Tip Kinetic XT’s in the 300 spine with overall arrow weight right at 433 grains.

The tuning process went very well and I had it shooting bullet holes through paper in about 3 shots. I also did a walk back tune to verify my center shot and confirm proper grip position for this particular bow. I have found the reflexed risers very touchy when it comes to proper grip. Once you get them down it’s not a problem and that’s where paper tuning comes in. It will show you grip flaws for each and every bow you shoot. Centershot came in right at 13/16 of an inch with nock height at 1/8” nock high. I shot two separate arrows through the chronograph. The first was the Gold Tip Kinetic XT 300 weighing 433 grains with chrono speeds in three consecutive shots coming in at 293 fps. The second arrow I shot was a Easton A/C/C in a 340 spine weighing 400 grains at 305 fps. In these specs the 300 spine selection would be your best option.

The overall feel upon shooting the Diamond Dead Eye was fairly shock free with very little vibration. Draw cycle was a little stiff at the 72lbs which I generally shoot every year. I found it to be fairly smooth for a speed bow throughout most of the draw cycle. My biggest complaint would be the hard rollover at the end of the draw cycle just before you get to your wall which is very solid for a single cam.

To sum it up this bow has a lot to offer at a good price point and I would not hesitate to take this out in the field this year. If you’re in the market for a new bow this year the Diamond Dead Eye is worth taking a look at.