Bow season in a good number of the western states is just around the corner.  So, if you haven’t already been shooting for several months, you had better get out the bow, check for tuning, wax those strings and start practicing.   You owe it to the animals to make sure that you are an efficient hunter with your archery tackle.  

I practice on a year-round basis, but it is usually at some sort of bag or block type target.  But once July gets here, I find it extremely beneficial to start shooting at a target that looks a lot like what I will be hunting.   You will be amazed at how much better you shoot during a hunting situation when you are used to putting those pins where they need to go on the target.

GlenDel has made this much easier for all of us.  The Glendel Pre Rut deer target stands 37” at the shoulder and is scaled to the size of about a 200 pound deer on the hoof.   This would be about the exact size and recipe for those trophy bucks we are all looking to put a tag on this fall.  It also has a removable vital section, which will handle thousands of shots.  By rotating the vitals section from time to time, you will have a target that you can shoot for several years.  This target is capable of handling any kind of tips that you are willing to shoot into it.  We thoroughly tested field points as well as Rage 2 blade expandable broadheads, G5 T3’s and G5 Montecs.

Anyone who has ever purchased a 3D type target in the past will surely vouch for the break in period of getting the foam loosened up so that you can pull the arrows out.  I was absolutely prepared for a major tug of war with my shafts the first time I missed the vitals.  Two finger arrow removal and even my eight-year-old daughter can easily retrieve all of my arrows whether they hit the vitals or not (love that).   The deer comes equipped with a rotating head and a 150” whitetail rack.  This is a great feature for the western hunter who doesn’t get a crack at too many whitetails.  You can get a good feel of what that caliber of buck looks like.

Having a target like this in your arsenal is essential to becoming a well-rounded archer.  Instead of practicing in your back yard where it is flat, take this target to the hills, pound in the stakes that come with the target on a steep hill and start shooting at it from all different angles.   See what the uphill and downhill angles will do to your shot and get comfortable on where you need to hold to make that crucial shot when the time comes.   You will definitely become a better archer.