By Josh Harris
Co-Owner Worldwide Trophy Adventures
As many of you have already heard, Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA) is now the EXCLUSIVE Booking Agency and Application Service for Sportsman’s Warehouse. Sportsman’s Warehouse already does a great job at serving their customers, and it has been a great fit for WTA to help in adding another great service for the customers of Sportsman’s Warehouse. Sportsman’s Warehouse has always been a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor needs and is truly America’s Premier Outfitter. With this new joint venture, WTA can now assist you in putting your Sportsman’s Warehouse gear to work in the field with the best hunting and fishing outfitters around the globe.

Josh Harris, Co-Owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures with his Alaskan Moose.

Worldwide Trophy Adventures isn’t just another booking agency that functions like every other booking agency though. I find myself not being able to write or talk about our business without touching on why that is such an important point to make. If you didn’t already know, WTA has hunted and or fished with every single outfitter that we book for! That’s right! Not only have we hunted and fished with them, we did so as Full-Paying Clients. I cannot stress enough how important that fact is. Many of the booking agencies out there are in the business just as we are. The only catch is that a lot of them, not all of them, but a lot of them owe their outfitters something in return for hunts or trips that outfitters have given them. When this unfortunate circumstance arises, and you happen to be the next client to call that booking agent or agency, guess which outfitter just became the best outfitter in the world?  Of course they are going to push the one that they now OWE something to! That is not the case with us and never will be. The WTA team has hunted and fished, as full-paying clients, with over 250+ outfitters, of which only the select few made it through our extensive outfitter certification process. The remaining outfitters are making improvements to their operations to hopefully become one of our certified WTA outfitters. Outfitters are shocked when we send them the information required to become one of our certified WTA outfitters. They are used to dealing with a Booking Agency that will book for them no matter what their operation is like. So no matter when you call or contact us, we are going to book you with an outfitter that we have been in the field with and would happily return and hunt or fish with again.  When we do receive your call, we will discover your perceived future big-game hunting and or fishing aspirations, and then we will recommend guides or outfitters, application strategies, and or landowner tags that are consistent with your goals. We have great opportunities for hunting and fishing no matter what type of hunter or fisherperson you are. It doesn’t matter if you are from the East or West, North or South, we have opportunities for every type of outdoors person. We also have all kinds of hunts and trips for all levels of difficulty. From extreme to novice and in between, we have it all. Once you tell us what type of hunt or trip you desire, we then follow up with recommendations and help you book your trip of a lifetime at no additional cost to you! We take into account your trophy quality desire, physical ability, point status, time constraints, desire to hunt guided or unguided, and your budget. We are confident that you will find our staff to be experts in the hunting and fishing world, and are also efficient in helping you find the best match for your goals. Having said that, think about all of the time and money you can now save! Because we only book you with outfitters that we have personally put “boots on the ground” with as “full paying clients”, the normal routine you have to go through in order to find a good hunting or fishing trip is eliminated. You don’t have to call endless amounts of references, spend hours on the internet, make endless calls to potential outfitters, or lose any more sleep wondering if you have made the right decision. You know when you book a trip with WTA that we have already done all of that for you. That is a huge advantage to you! So in other words, we have shed all of the Blood, Sweat, and Tears necessary and have compiled, and are continuously compiling, the premium group of outfitters that exists in today’s hunting and fishing world. All of our outfitters are now your outfitters, and they are only one click of a mouse or phone call away.

Jason Campbell, Co-Owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures with his Tanzanian Lesser Kudu.

I can’t forget to also mention a simple point that a lot of people seem to misunderstand about WTA when it comes to booking a hunt or fishing trip with us. A lot of people that I converse with every day on the phone ask me…. “Josh, so what if I booked directly with the outfitter? Would I get a better deal?” The answer is NO! WE ARE NOT A MIDDLE MAN! The trip that you book with us is priced the same whether you book directly with the outfitter or with WTA.  Our payment comes from the outfitter and the hunt or trip price will always be the same. A lot of outfitters choose not to pay for expensive advertising and travel expenses to shows, etc. That is where we come in! We bring clients to our outfitters and they are always glad to take our calls and book our clients. So why would you book with WTA? Well, just as I mentioned above, we have been there and done that, we’ve paid the ultimate price, and we have the best of the best when it comes to outfitters in the hunting and fishing world. We also offer a lot more than just bookings as well. We have a fully functional application service and manager, landowner tags, members only access, thousands of awesome hunting and fishing pictures, hours of action packed videos, free trip and gear giveaways, on-the-hoof pictures and video, tons of hunting and fishing tools, and a team of seasoned hunters and fisherman at the helm of the ship. Now that’s not everything either! I would also like to touch on another great reason for using WTA. Something called: Last Minute-Last Chance Opportunities!

Every year, it is guaranteed that some people will have to cancel their hunts or trips. Many things such as job loss, divorce, physical health, and military service are a few of the common reasons why some trips get cancelled. Most of these trips that are cancelled have already had substantial deposits that have been paid, and the results are GIANT DISCOUNTS! This turns into a Last Minute – Last Chance opportunity! This is your opportunity to take advantage of someone else’s loss and make it your gain. As a member of WTA, you will have 24 hour access to these opportunities. Savings typically range anywhere from 10% to 50% off! These opportunities don’t last long so you have to act quickly! Many times, these opportunities are gone the same day that we post them. If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, SIGN UP as a member of WTA and add yourself to the customized lists that we have created and get the biggest bang for your buck as these opportunities arise. Our clients only receive emails for things they have signed up for and are interested in and they know when an email comes from us it contains information they want to help them get on their next adventure.

Kevin Orton, Application Service Manager of Worldwide Trophy Adventures with his New Zealand Himalayan Tahr.

If you are a person that has a schedule that allows you to hunt or fish on short notice, Sign Up as a member of WTA today, and you will be added to a customized email list and be among the first to be notified as these opportunities arise. We’re all tired of being added to an enormous email list that goes out every time something new comes available. That’s why I used the word CUSTOMIZED.  Go to our Last minute-Last Chance opportunities link on our home page and fill out the Customized Email List form. You can also give us a call and we will send you the form that you can send back to us as well. You will be able to specify which list or lists you want to be added to. Is it Africa, Alaska, Canada, or the lower 48? Or maybe it’s all of them! Maybe it’s only domestic trips, or international trips? It’s completely up to you! You will also be able to specify which level of discounted trips that you want to be notified of. Is it those that have been discounted 20% or more? If so, we will add you to the 20% or more customized email list. If you only want to be notified of those that are discounted 50% or more, we will add you to the 50% or more customized email list. We also have customized email lists for species for both hunting and fishing. If you only want to be notified of Mule Deer opportunities and info, we will add you to the Mule Deer customized email list. Or maybe it’s Alaska Fishing! You get what I’m saying by now. The bottom line is that you decide what you want to be notified of from WTA. We simply have no interest in sending you information that you have not personally requested yourself. Once you submit your request(s), you will be added to the customized list or lists that you have selected, and will begin receiving notifications as Last Minute-Last Chance opportunities arise with our Certified WTA Outfitters.

So take advantage of another great opportunity that Worldwide Trophy Adventures and Sportsman’s Warehouse has to offer and contact us today. You can reach us at 435-656-0205, or contact us through our website at