By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Having less recoil from your 12-gauge shotgun doesn’t only mean quicker target acquisition, it also means that you will practice with it more frequently creating greater proficiency.

Blackhawk has teamed with Knoxx Industries to create a collapsible stock that takes the abuse out of shooting your shotgun for long periods. The SpecOps Recoil Reducing Stock from Knoxx Industries, cuts felt recoil by as much as 85 percent. The five position adjustable stock offers the ability for shooters of all sizes to use the gun to which it is attached. The stock creates 11.25-15.25 inches length of pull which allows it to be used with a variety of tactical and load bearing vests, and also makes it ideal for home defense by shortening the overall profile and adapting to whoever needs to use the gun.

The real test came in placing the stock on my trusty old Mossberg 590 and putting it in the hands of a 15 year old with magnum loads. The adjustment on the stock meant that even though his arms were shorter, my teenage shooter could easily mount the gun. The dual springs of the Knoxx Recoil Reduction System allowed him to easily handle even the hardest hitting loads with little discomfort from the recoil. Firing the same loads from a shotgun without recoil reduction nearly took him off of his feet.

In shooting the gun both with and without the recoil reducing stock, I noticed that loads that felt as if I were being sharply punched in the shoulder felt like a much more gentle bump with the SpecOps Stock.  The recoil is still present, but there is less sharpness about it and much less muzzle rise meaning faster target reacquisition.

The stock is easy to mount on your shotgun with the included tools. It comes in various configurations to fit a wide selection of Mosseberg, Winchester, and Remington pump shotguns and includes a matching composite forend.  The SpecOps stock from Blackhawk includes an M-4 style pistol grip and is ideal for competitions, hunting, sport shooting, and personal defense.

Adding to the usefulness of the stock is the optional PowerPak Modular Cheekpiece accessories. The PowerPak includes an elevated cheekpiece for use with raised optics, a low cheekpiece for use with iron sights, a five-shell holder, and a watertight storage compartment for batteries or other items.

Both the SpecOps Stock and the PowerPak were easy to install and went together in just a few minutes.  The matching forend took a little Dremel work to accommodate the heat shield on my 590. Shotguns without a shrouded barrel should go together with very little fuss.

Another plus is that the Blackhawk SpecOps Stock is proudly made in the USA.

Less recoil, adjustable length of pull, and easy installation, all make this stock an all around winner and well worth every penny.