Picking a rifle scope can be an arduous task unless you know all the features and benefits of each individual scope.  In today’s market, there is so much more to be known prior to making a purchase than price, brand, and clarity.   With the long range shooting sport coming of age, just about every manufacture is tailoring scopes to meet the capabilities of these long range shooters.

The Nikon Buckmaster 3X9X40 is a scope that one might look at and think it is a great starter scope at $219.95, but it has so much more potential than a starter scope.  The BDC reticle makes this a great scope for anyone wanting to extend their shooting out to five or six hundred yards using the 9 power.   The BDC or bullet drop compensation reticle is a series of circles instead of crosshairs which will allow you to use each of these circles for a specific yardage.   By using the Nikon Spot On website located at www.nikonhunting/spoton/ you can plug in every bit of data for your own personal gun, factory load, altitude, temperature, atmospheric pressure, load zero, and other pertinent data that will affect bullet trajectory and get a printout for the correct hold for each individual circle.   The combination of the BDC reticle and the Spot On technology make this a top of the line scope for any rifle.  It is fully multi coated with a matte black finish which eliminated glare.  It is built on a 1” tube which makes getting rings extremely easy.  The adjustments are 1/4” minute of angle adjustments with low profile screw off caps.  The magnification adjustment is extremely smooth as compared to many scopes in this price range.  The low light capabilities of this scope took us well past legal shooting light during all of our testing. We ran our shooting tests on a .300 WSM rifle shooting factory Federal ammunition and found that we were able to ring the 14” gong consistently out to 600 yards.  A higher power scope would be recommended if you wanted to shoot farther.  We recommend printing out the Spot On reticle holds for your specific load, laminating the paper, and taping one on the butt stock of your rifle and keep another in your wallet.

As if this good quality scope with free available software at a great price isn’t enough to get you to purchase it, for a limited amount of time, they will be throwing in a $119.00 Nikon Cool Pix L24 camera along with the purchase.  This is a 14 megapixel camera with a 3.6 optical zoom and a 3’ LCD screen.  The camera is not much larger than the size of a business card and takes great photos.  Some of the photos you see here in Sportsman’s News were taken with this exact camera.

The scope is already a great deal, but with the added bonus of a camera, it is one of the best deals in the hunting industry.