By Jason Campbell
Co-Owner Worldwide Trophy Adventures

Where was that bright star? I must be a little too far to the East….Oh, there it is. It was about 3:30 a.m. and I was moving around the base of a mountain in Eastern Nevada. I was trying to locate the bottom of the drainage that for the next hour and a half I would be slowly ascending my way to the top for another morning trying to intercept a GIANT mule deer. I knew that I was at the correct place because the morning before I had noticed a bright star that seemed to hang in the cut of the drainage where it interrupted the bright canvas of the night sky. As I lined up the star and began the ascent I couldn’t help letting my thoughts wander, and once again give silent thanks to my good fortune. Having a bunch of good friends and professionals around me that all share information, including pictures and film, of each trip we collectively participated in is incredible. This sharing of information had allowed me to hunt a buck of a lifetime on this fine morning. You see, my good friend and Nevada guide, Greg Krogh and I had been scouting different parts of the unit that I fortunately had an archery tag in. Greg, along with Pat Loecher, whom is an incredible hunter and outdoorsman, had filmed a buck on the long, wind-swept ridge that I was currently climbing towards. The film had allowed me to make an informed choice as to where I needed to concentrate my efforts to harvest this buck of a lifetime.

Elk scouted in pre-season by Nevada Outfitter #015

That morning ended with me being blessed with a shot opportunity that fortunately I was able to make. All of the planning just seemed to fall into place and I was able to harvest one of my passions, a giant mule deer. Now as I look back at the hunt, I again realize that a lot of things had to come together in a hunt like this, but first and foremost was the reliable information. I had a picture of a buck that was “ON THE HOOF”. What I mean is that the picture that I had was not of a deer that had been harvested the year before, but of a deer that was currently roaming the hills. Don’t get me wrong, pictures and film of last year’s harvest is still a great way to judge an areas potential, but those photographs will never replace a picture or film of an animal that is still alive or as we at WTA describe them “ON THE HOOF!” I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a number of “governor tag” hunts in the Western US. It seems like very little expense is spared in most of these types of hunts, especially when it comes to pre-hunt scouting. Very, very seldom did we look for an animal that was described to us as a potential candidate for the hunter without a picture or film. Unfortunately, until now, most of this information was just too expensive for most outdoorsmen to add to their pre-hunt preparations. Like I said, until now…….YOU SIMPLY JUST HAVE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEWEST TOOL OFFERED TO THE MEMBERS OF WORLDWIDE TROPHY ADVENTURES!

This new tool is the ON-THE-HOOF section of our website. You are able to access pictures and videos of animals that are still ON-THE-HOOF. Let me explain! All of our certified outfitters spend a great deal of time in the field scouting for the upcoming season. Most of the time the outfitter or his guides are scouting with a camera in their hand! Worldwide Trophy Adventures has built a section on our website for our outfitters to showcase the animals that they have ON-THE-HOOF in an attempt to engage YOU the client to become interested in booking with them. How they do this is by sending in pictures and/or short video clips of the animals that survived last year’s hunt. This is an incredible tool for you the hunters as well as us at WTA. It is also  a source of pride for many of our outfitters. It creates a spirit of competition between our outfitters as YOU the client are able to COMPARE these photos and videos to their competition! As we all know, healthy competition is good for the consumer. It’s simple, if YOU the client can view animals that are still ON-THE-HOOF, the choice of whom to book with is made that much simpler. Our clients are booking hunts with outfitters whom upload new and exciting videos and photographs to the section. The ON-THE-HOOF tool on our website is dedicated to animals and the outfitters who take the time to photograph and film them still “ON-THE-HOOF”.

Pre-Season trail camera picture of a mule deer by Utah Outfitter #006

All you hunters out there should be very interested in the ON-THE-HOOF section of WTA’s website. It is an incredible tool, that until now, has only been available to a select few whom could afford to hire multiple guides each year! Outfitters are posting these pictures and videos in order to showcase the extra time and effort spent in the field scouting for the game they offer their services to help you hunt.

Remember, the outfitter that has posted the pictures or videos has already passed the test to become a Worldwide Trophy Adventures Certified Outfitter. You can rest assured that we at WTA have been in the field with this outfitter as a FULL PAYING CLIENT. Yep, you read it right! As a FULL PAYING CLIENT! We do not accept “free” hunts from our outfitters. As far as I know, we are the ONLY booking agency that has this policy and I am confident that we are the only booking agency that has hunted or fished with over 260 outfitters around the world as Full Paying Clients. We do not owe the outfitter YOUR booking to pay him back for a free hunt. We NEVER hunt for free. Most of our competition does owe the outfitter YOUR booking to pay for their free hunt. We have literally spent millions of dollars hunting and fishing around the world and we bring that collective knowledge to the table. We will share that experience with you for FREE. We do have tools that are available for a small annual fee that are in the Member’s Only section, but we still maintain our policy to be your FREE trip consultants. Take advantage of our experience! You have many choices out there, and we are confident that once you experience OUR level of customer service you will be a client for life! You are not a number to us, and you don’t need to be a member just to speak to one of us about your upcoming trip. We are your FREE trip consultants.

In last month’s issue of Sportsman’s News, my partner Josh Harris, announced the partnering of Worldwide Trophy Adventures and Sportsman’s Warehouse. What an incredible team we make! Worldwide Trophy Adventures is the EXCLUSIVE booking agency and application service for Sportsman’s Warehouse worldwide. Josh also touched on some of the other tools that we offer in our Member’s Only section. The ON-THE-HOOF tool is only one of the benefits that our members use to make their hunt more successful and safe. Gear guides and personal packing checklists, moon phase information, map services, travel insurance, cancellation trips, and more… are all available to you for a small annual fee that frankly, only partially helps to defer the cost to maintain our website. We feel that our toughest job has been to get outdoorsmen to just try our services. As of the printing of this article, we have not had even ONE member not continue to take advantages of our services! We are working very hard to maintain our goal of pairing you the client with the best advice and information available. As a FREE service, we will consult you on your next trip and arm you with the information that you will need to be literate and prepared. As your FREE hunting and or fishing consultant, we will arm you with this information that will allow you to not only walk the walk, but also show up in camp with the knowledge that only experienced outdoorsmen have. You will never need to go on an outdoor trip again and feel insecure about what you know or how you should act! We will help give you the confidence that you will need to have to acquire your outfitters, guides, and fellow outdoorsmen’s respect. We have found that this is especially helpful to you Eastern outdoorsmen that are hesitant to hunt out West. We do hunt differently out West, the same as you hunt differently in the East. We will help arm each of you with the information you need to have a successful hunt. Try our FREE services! If they meet your expectations, purchase a membership to add another arrow to your quiver of outdoor knowledge. I guarantee you that we have been working hard to be the best tool for your future in the outdoors. Knowledge is the key! You want it, we’ve got, and it’s free! Give us a call at 1-435-656-0205 or check us out on the web at You can also follow us on all of the most popular social media sites.  Like us on Facebook for up-coming specials and insider information.

Please, don’t forget our service men and women in your prayers. God bless America and all who stand to defend her!