No matter what we do anymore it seems that we have a bunch of stuff to take with us. Even a simple day hike leaves us with snacks, a camera, iPod, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat and who knows what else. In addition to all of our stuff, we have to carry our ubiquitous water bottle. I recently cleaned out the back seat of my car and there were dozens of empty plastic water bottles stuffed under the seats and on the floor.
To help us get our stuff in order and cut down on the water bottle clutter, CamelBak has designed the Blowfish. Designed for the mountain biker, the Blowfish is also great for the day hiker looking to carry their gear and stay hydrated. The Blowfish, so called because it can expand like a blowfish, not only provides nearly 1,100 cubic inches of space when it is expanded, but also allows you to carry 100 ounces of water, equal to more than eight 12-ounce water bottles.  The Blowfish also features CamelBak’s new Antidote reservoir. This newly designed reservoir allows easy opening of the fill cap with just a quarter turn, has a detachable drinking tube with a quick disconnect and has folding dryer arms inside to help air it out when not in use.

Two separate compartments and internal organizers make stowing and accessing your gear a breeze and a topside soft MP3 pocket makes getting to your tunes quickly a simple task. They have even placed a port for your ear buds.  The bladder is in its own compartment and has a slot for the filling handle to prevent the bag from slouching as you use it.

Padded mesh configured to allow air to move over your back and helps keep the pack comfortable when fully loaded. A removable waist belt and adjustable sternum straps help keep everything secure during even the most demanding activity.

Reflective taping on attachment points helps you to be visible in low light, while also providing more places to clip the odd items, like a GPS or your sunglasses.

The Blowfish is made by CamelBak,  so you know it will stand up to years of whatever adventures you can think to throw at it. The Blowfish is assembled in the USA from imported components and features the Got Your Bak Guarantee, which will replace your pack or reservoir if they ever fail.