By Josh Harris
Co-Owner – Worldwide Trophy Adventures

Jason and I just returned from north of the Arctic Circle hunting Barren Ground caribou. Talk about an unreal trip! We went with a new outfitter and we were very optimistic due to our lengthy outfitter vetting process, referral acquisitions and the extensive and multi-faceted process that we go through to make the final decision on who we will hunt with. We had high-hopes that we would be able to add another great addition to our WTA portfolio of outfitters and only heaven knows how many times we have had those same “High-Hopes”, only to end up very disappointed! Well that wasn’t the case with this outfitter! After months, days and hours of time and effort going through the exhausting process of; “Hmmm, Which Outfitter Should I Hunt or Fish With”, we discovered that we had definitely chosen the right outfitter. Not only had we chosen the right outfitter, we absolutely hit one “Out of the Park”! It was a GRAND SLAM! We had the trip of a lifetime!

Josh Harris with his 2011 Barren Ground caribou taken north of the Arctic Circle with WTA Alaska Outfitter #046

Without going into all of the details, here it is in a nut-shell. We hunted north of the Arctic Circle, drove up the wild Alaska river systems in air boats, hunted with a well prepared and knowledgeable outfitter, ate great food, stayed in a phenomenal camp, caught tons of fish, saw muskox, grizzly bear, wolf, moose and obviously caribou. We saw scenery that was absolutely breath-taking and harvested two awesome caribou. Honestly, it was a destination trip and hunt that will go down in the all-time-trips-to-date that I have been on!

As many of you know, we only book for outfitter’s that that we have personally been in the field with. Each trip takes us months of preparation. This process is exhausting and very time consuming if done like it should be done. Jason, myself and the WTA team are avid outdoorsmen who have hunted and fished with hundreds of outfitters all over the world. After hunting with so many different outfitters, we realized that there was a problem in the hunting and fishing industry. You see, the problem is that there are thousands of hunting and fishing outfitters claiming to have the best available experience. But we know that this is not always the case. And who pays for it? Uh huh, YOU DO! Most people going out on these trips have saved for a long time to be able to have a once in a lifetime hunting or fishing experience and to save for that long and have a bad experience, well it sadly happens all too often. We fully understand this. So with this understanding of the brutal and honest truth, Jason and I decided that there had to be a better way. So after years of working together to come up with the perfect solution to this problem, we are proud to say that Worldwide Trophy Adventures IS the solution.

We have asked hundreds of our clients what they did prior to booking their hunts and trips through Worldwide Trophy Adventures. What we have gathered is that almost all of them researched things such as personal referrals, references from the outfitters, internet research, trophy pictures and sometimes video. Those are all great things to do, but those steps are simply only skimming the surface when it comes down to truly finding out who you are going to book with. You see, we do all of those things and it doesn’t stop there. Our process is very lengthy and would take this whole article to merely scratch the surface with the details. The biggest thing that sets us apart from our competitors and booking your own hunts or trips is that we have been in the field with every one of our outfitters. In the past, even after having followed every one of the steps in our extensive vetting process with new potential outfitters to hunt or fish with, we have gone into the field and still had a less than satisfactory experience. So even if you think that who you have booked with is a slam-dunk, think again! We have also thought the same thing, only to find out that it wasn’t what it was all made out to be and the results ended up in pure disappointment. If you book through WTA, you will be booking a hunt or trip with an outfitter that we trust, that we have personally hunted or fished with and that has provided exceptional services in all of the areas that the outfitter has control of. We follow our outfitter vetting process from start to finish. I can’t put it any simpler than that.

Trek Campbell and father, Jason Campbell with Trek’s 2011 Barren Ground caribou taken north of the Arctic Circle with WTA Alaska Outfitter #046

So here’s the question. Why would you go through the headache and hassle of doing all of that yourself when we can do it for you? Any outfitter you choose with us is an approved WTA outfitter! We have already spent the dollars, time and energy sifting through hundreds of outfitters all over the world. Believe me, we have had some unbelievable trips and also some absolute train-wrecks. The outfitters that we book for are those that were the unbelievable ones. Stop spending all of your time and energy looking for an outfitter, and give us a call! We have the outfitters and we have the right outfitters. Some people assume that we are like other agency type businesses out there and that we are trying to intervene to make a buck. This assumption is completely false. We ARE NOT a middle man. You are going to pay the same price using Worldwide Trophy Adventures as you would pay booking directly with the outfitter yourself. We book every trip at the advertised price of each of our outfitters. So why exhaust precious time trying to find the right outfitter and just allow us to streamline the process, provide you with personal experience and book you with an outfitter that we have hunted and/or fished with personally? You can skip all of what it takes to hopefully choose the right outfitter and in turn get our personal references for outfitters that are nothing less than the BEST OUTFITTERS OUT THERE! We are CONSULTANTS! We are here to consult with you. This consulting costs you nothing! Yes, you read that last line correctly! It costs you NOTHING!

Call our office at 435-656-0205 and allow us to consult with you and line you up with:
Number 1: The Best Outfitter.
Number 2: The Best Quality Of Game.
Number 3: The Most Your Budget Can Afford.

This season is already coming to an end and it is time to start thinking of next year and where you want to go, what you want to hunt or fish for and what your budget can afford. Planning is the key! With enough planning time, we will consult with you and assist you so that you can be with the best outfitter, for the best game and at the best time. We can do this if you plan enough time in advance with WTA to acquire your spot for the new and upcoming 2012 seasons. Waiting until the last minute will only occasionally get you a better deal on a cancellation and or reduced price trip. It doesn’t get you better odds for better game. That’s the blunt truth!

2011 client and friend, Justin Shaffer with his Alaska mountain goat shot with archery equipment.

Also take a look at our Application Service opportunity. If you are applying in any of the states that have a bonus point system, allow us to do all of the work for you through our dedicated Application Service Manager, Kevin Orton, who is very knowledgeable and uses an extensive database to apply for you. With a structured plan coordinated by you and Kevin, you will be able to quickly begin making progress in the right direction, in multiple states, for multiple species and for a minimal cost. And the best part is that you don’t have to do anything once your information is entered into our database.

Please give us a call at 435-656-0205 or email us through our “contact us” page on our website at We hope to talk to you soon.