Congratulations to Bomber, the winner of the December Gun of the Month drawing for the M&P 15.  Bomber has has 736 posts, putting him in 4th place in the posting standings and giving him 30 entries in the drawing. Bomber, give me a call at the office at (435) 865-1680 so we can arrange to ship you your prize.

And for those of you who didn’t win, we still have another chance if you join the NRA through this link. If you join through us, it is only $25. And if you are already a member, you can renew and they will add the extra year onto your current membership. Right now the odds of winning are about 1:40. Also, if you purchase a gift membership, send me an email to with your screen name, your real name, and the name of the person you bought the gift for so when I get the report, I can give you an extra entry. Good luck.…..son-mp15t/