Cover photo: WTA Owner Josh Harris with his 2011 Brown Bear taken with WTA Certified Alaska Outfitter #031.

By Josh Harris
Owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures

Over the past several months I have spoken to a lot of clients while booking hunts all over the world. These clients have been scattered from all over from the East to West Coasts of the United States, and some of them being from outside of the country. The range of hunting and fishing expertise of these clients has ranged from veteran and intermediary clients to beginner more novice clients. Some of them have been Eastern Hunters coming out West to hunt or fish, and some of them have been from right here in the West booking hunts or trips in the East. One common thing that has really stood out to me in my conversations with the more veteran clients is that most of them have at least one horrible story to tell about what I call “Train Wrecks” that they have experienced with outfitters that they personally booked on their own. Now you noticed that I used the words “Personally Booked”. I’m not saying that a person can’t book his or her own hunt and have a hunt of a lifetime. What I am saying is that it only takes one bad experience or “Train Wreck” to never make the same mistake again. What I know and what I want you to know, is that; “A “Train Wreck” Isn’t Mandatory If You Choose to Hunt or Fish with Outfitters”! The majority of the veteran stories told were first-time experiences with outfitters that they knew nothing about. Most of the time the stories relate back to a hunt or trip booked at a show, a banquet, or on an online auction or website. For the more beginner or intermediate hunters and fisherman, I know that it is exciting to do the research and ultimately find a deal that seems too good to pass up and buy it. And it is also exciting to be sitting at your computer on an online auction and end up the lucky bidder at a ridiculous price. I have heard it all. I have done it once myself. And yes, I said “ONCE”! I will never do it again. My Alaska Brown Bear hunt ended up costing me twice the money and time, and I would have been much further ahead if I would have booked with the right outfitter the first time. My second trip for the same species was a dream-come-true because I went with the right outfitter.

Caption: WTA Member John Holbrook with his 2011 Arizona Mule Deer taken with WTA Certified Arizona Outfitter #007.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the “Train Wrecks”. What is shocking to me is that some of these “Train Wrecks” that I am talking about have even been second experiences with the same outfitter. In these cases the clients gave a second chance for redemption to the outfitters. Uh huh, you read that last line correctly! As if the first “Train Wreck” wasn’t enough?  I will spare you all the details, but what I will tell you is that 99.9% of the time these second chance redemption situations are a complete repeat of the first one. What you need to know is that if what The Outfitter Has Control Of isn’t up-to-par with what is and should be expected the first time, it is a 99% guarantee that it will always be that way. But that isn’t entirely what I want to focus on. The point that I want to make is – “WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THE CHANCE?” It is your money and your time! If you want to maintain a friendship or make friends, you can go to Disneyland to do that! You have waited all year long for the day to finally arrive and the question is; “Why waste all of the anticipation, time, and money, for a sub-par experience or outfitter? My motto, and your method of thinking needs to be; “I would rather pay more and go with the right outfitter, than spend the rest of my life justifying a poor experience with the wrong outfitter!”  This could be a hunt or trip of a lifetime for you, and it isn’t protocol that you have to experience at least one “Train Wreck” to learn your lesson, let alone two of them. Start out on the right foot and do it right!

So what is the solution? The solution is Worldwide Trophy Adventures!  Worldwide Trophy Adventures has personally hunted or fished with all of our outfitters. We bring an elite group of outfitters that compete in their lines of field with the best of the best in the outfitting world. We are THE REFERENCE OF ALL REFERENCES. Our team has compiled our personal experiences with outfitters all over the world. We have “Weeded Out” all of our own personal “Train Wrecks” and have a purified portfolio of outfitters that is unmatched in the hunting and fishing world. While we might not have the largest portfolio out there, we have the Best Portfolio that exists.  The facts are the facts! And to make that statement even sweeter than it sounds, we do this for you, “The Client”, absolutely FREE! You pay the same price to book your hunt or trip with our outfitters through Worldwide Trophy Adventures as you would booking directly with them yourself. We are Hunting and Fishing Consultants! Your price is the same as the outfitter’s advertised price on their website or in their brochures. What our outfitters would have spent in marketing their companies and traveling to shows, they now spend in commissions to us by way of us bringing our clients to them. That is why the word “Middle-Man’ is not part of the equation in regards to our services. We are not structured like a travel agency whatsoever. You pay the same doing it yourself or using us. I can’t put it in more simple terms than that.

So what now? If you are looking into booking a hunt or trip please give us a call. It’s FREE! It’s FREE! It’s FREE! Did I mention that our services are FREE? It doesn’t matter if you live back East and know nothing about hunting out West. Or you might live in the West and want to hunt in the West. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning to dive into the hunting and fishing world and have found a new passion in life. That is why we exist! That is what we do! If you don’t call us, we can’t do what we do best, which is personally consult you about hunting and fishing. We want to talk to you about hunting or fishing in locations that you have and or haven’t been to before. We want to consult with you about what to expect, why you should hunt with who we are suggesting, our own personal gear lists, our personal experiences, traveling, bonus points, regulations, guns to use, size of bullets to shoot, optics, what type of pack to use, what boots to use, physical requirements, and the list goes on and on. We are going to be able to arm you with all that you will need to step into the field as prepared as possible for your trip of a lifetime. It can be your first trip or your 21st trip, it simply doesn’t matter. If we have hunted or fished with an outfitter that provides what you are looking for, why wouldn’t you consult with us? It costs you nothing to do so. It is absurd not to! In return, you are able to book a hunt or trip with a WTA Certified Outfitter that has risen to the top in regards to quality service, location, and quantity and quality of game. There is no one-size-fit-all program, but to narrow it down to the best possible scenario for your personal budget and desires is where we excel. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we would never book you with an outfitter to make a quick buck. It does us no good to blow in your ear, book you on a hunt or trip, and never see you again. We do not run our business that way and never will. We would never over-represent something to make a quick buck. We would rather establish a long term relationship with you that is based on trust, integrity, and credibility. Our entire business model is centered on exactly that! We will always give you our honest opinions and never over-promise and under-deliver. We would rather lay the facts out on the table and hash it out realistically than be hopeful for results that aren’t 100% achievable.

So whether you are from the East or West, North or South, or Advanced or Novice, it simply doesn’t matter. Give us a call and let’s talk hunting and fishing. We will assist you to the best of our abilities, and do so by way of booking you with outfitters that are truly worth the anticipation, time, and money. When the day finally arrives that you break free from work to begin the realization of your dreams, make sure that we are able to assist you in getting to that point. Trust me! You will sleep much better knowing that your hard-earned dollars went towards something well worth every penny. Don’t gamble these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Use Worldwide Trophy Adventures and make every one of them count! Consult with us and book with the right outfitter or you can spend the rest of your life justifying a poor experience with the wrong outfitter! No one likes to be a part of a “Train Wreck!” I’ll let you decide.