I have now been on two different hunts with Steve Jones Back Country Hunts and both of them were for Aoudad in west Texas.  We have been successful on every trip and I get more and more respect for these critters each and every time I chase them.  They will challenge your glassing techniques because they blend so well with their surroundings.   They are one of the smartest and most elusive animals that I have ever had the pleasure of hunting.  We always hunt them the first quarter of the year when everything else is closed.

This year I was able to share another hunt with my pops.  He is 66 years old and getting a little long in the tooth.  It was a joy to hunt with him one more time and I never take that for granted, but to see your hero getting old and no longer have the ability to do excel is a saddening day.  Pops had shots at several really good rams and we captured it all on film for an episode of Sportsman’s News Television, but unfortunately none of the shots hit their mark.  This never used to be the case as pops was always a crack shot and harvested almost everything he ever shot at.   I was able to finally put the hammer down on a great 29″ Ram with one day to spare and I also secured another stick pig at 565 yards.   Another great trip in the books with my hero “POPS”!