Grilling, smoking and roasting are all great ways of cooking food and Cajun Injector, who most have known for years as having multiple flavors of injectable marinades, has launched a product capable of doing each and every one of these types of cooking.  It is called the Chicken Cooker, which is obviously capable of cooking way more than just chicken!

The 3 in 1 looks like a 35 gallon drum with each and every section coming apart.   The bottom section is your heating area, which will hold your charcoal or wood chips.   The size of the fuel area is extremely large and will hold more than enough charcoal to handle even the biggest of jobs.  It also has an access door at the bottom to allow you to feed in more charcoal or wood chips for smoking.   The bottom section has a grill holder which completes this bottom unit as a standard grill.

The second section holds a grill rack as well, but also has the hangers for a liquid bowl, which comes with the unit.  This is a great place to put water, wine, beer or any other liquid that you might like to have in your smoker unit.  Liquid keeps the air moist and makes for extremely juicy meat, especially when injected with Cajun Injector’s  Creole Butter (my personal favorite).  The third and top sections also have rack holders, which will allow you to run two separate racks of food while you are smoking.  If you just want to use the unit as a cooker/roaster for chickens or anything else, you can remove all of the racks as well as the liquid pan and put the crossbars with hanging hooks to use.

The cooker comes with eight separate hanging hooks, which is a great way to cook half chickens.  You can easily fit up to eight roaster halves (4-lbs for each half) in the unit at one time or four whole chickens.  There is a lid with vents on the top to control your temperature as well as vents on the bottom of the unit.  Maintaining a good temperature is simple as well, since the middle and top sections come equipped with a thermostat which ranges from 140-800 degrees Fahrenheit.

In our testing, we cooked four chickens and half a dozen sausages.  We wanted smoked chicken, so after marinating our birds and getting our charcoal going, it was time to cook.  We placed three birds on the bottom rack and one on the top (we had plenty of room to put at least two more chicken on the top rack).  Since the middle section is closer to the heat, it is recommended to rotate your racks during cooking for even cooking time.  The bottom rack averages 100 degrees hotter than the top rack, which was a great setup for our cheese filled sausages.  The finished product was fantastic and would have been a welcome sight to any dinner table.

Our overall opinion on the Cajun Injector Chicken Cooker is “A Great Asset to Your Outdoor Kitchen” so stop into your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and pick one up today!