For over a hundred years, Leice has been known to produce some of the finest and most dependable optics in the world.  They have mostly been known for their binoculars, spotting scopes, and rangefinders, but Leica now has a great line of rifle scopes as well. The ER series rifle scope with the IBS reticle is a 30mm one piece tube with an eye relief that is a generous 3 15/16 inches which makes it a great scope for rifles with a heavy recoil. They are waterproof down to 13 ft and nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.  All external lenses are coated with AquaDura™ which repels water as well as dirt.  It comes in two different models which are a 2.5 to 10 power and a 3.5 to 14 power and both have a 45mm objective lens.  The 3.5 to 14 was our test model.
Leica has partnered with ballistics experts at G7 to provide you the IBS reticle configuration, which may be dialed in specific for your rifle and load with just a few simple inputs into the ballistic calculator located on the Leica website.
It is very complicated to make things simple and simple is the case when it comes to the IBS reticle. Once you have your ER rifle scope mounted on your favorite hunting rifle and sighted in, a visit to the Leica website and IBS ballistic calculator will get you dialed in for longer ranges.  You will need some basic information about your rifle ballistics as well as information about the area where you do your range time to set up your scope. The items which you will need are ballistic coefficient or factory load data, muzzle velocity, altitude, temperature, scope height, and zero range.  Once data has been input, you can print the data for each specific hash mark and tape it to the side of your gun for future reference. Since this is a 2nd focal plane scope, you will need to have your scope set for the power at which you printed your reference sheet for the hash marks to be accurate.  I always set my scope at maximum power because the longer range shooting will need the most magnification and is the simplest way to get it right every time.  Your main cross hairs will always be accurate at your zero range regardless of magnification settings.  The scope comes equipped with windage hash marks which are a great asset in doping the wind at extended ranges, but it will take some practice to be accurate at longer ranges.
Once you have completed this process, it is time for some range time.  Long range shooting can only be accomplished consistently by hours of range time.  It is not recommended to take shots at game without first doing this homework.  The homework that the Sportsman’s News team did was extremely exciting and productive.  We validated the data out past 500 yards with deadly accuracy.  It proved that the boys at Leica and G7 have a deadly combination with this new ER rifle scope with IBS reticle.