Redesigned for 2012, the Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman’s Series of first aid kits offers the outdoorsman and woman the ultimate in safety.

AMK has always offered the best products in the medical field for those who spend time in the outdoors, but their new kits have taken this excellence to the next level.

Unlike many kits that promote how many pieces they contain regardless if those pieces are what you or your party are likely to use, AMK focuses on providing the highest quality components and arranging them in a way that is most able to cope with the medical condition or injury you are most likely to encounter in your particular activity.

The Sportsman’s Series is custom tailored for the hunter, camper, fishermen, and hiker, and comes in four sizes to accommodate up to 14 people on a 14 day trip and treat injuries from a scraped knuckle to a gunshot wound.

The Grizzly, Whitetail, and Bighorn kits all feature Dr. Eric Weiss’ book, Wilderness and Travel Medicine, which is worth every penny in case of an emergency and will provide you real world medical skills written by a trauma doctor.

The AMK Sportsman’s Series is available in 4 sizes, Grizzly, Bighorn, Whitetail, and a waterproof Steelhead for all kinds of activities and a variety of group sizes. Each kit comes in a bright orange nylon case that easily organizes the contents by the condition you are treating, such as wound care, medications, fracture/sprain, etc.

The Grizzly is for larger groups, such as hunting or fishing guides or scout troops. It contains a wide variety of products to treat serious wounds and features a removable trauma kit with QuikClot. The addition of an aluminum c-splint, CPR mask,  and a SWAT-Tourniquet make this an ideal kit for those who travel into the woods during hunting season where there is a likelihood of an accidental gunshot wound or major trauma. Medications to treat fever, aches and pains, diarrhea, and other medical conditions makes this the ultimate outdoor kit.

The Bighorn is for medium sized groups of up to 7 people for 1-7 days. It features the same products as the Grizzly but without the tourniquet and splint. Like the Grizzly, it contains thermometers, duct tape, and wound closure strips. Each kit also includes a DryFlex waterproof bag to keep water sensitive products dry in all kinds of environments.

The Whitetail is for 1-4 people for 1-4 days and includes the same products for those who engage in high risk activities. Like the other two, this kit not only includes Dr. Weiss’ book, but easy to follow instruction cards, EMT shears, topical adhesive and the Easy Care First Aid System.

The Steelhead is designed for 1-2 people for short duration trips and is useful for treating medium risk activities.  This entire kit is waterproof and is ideal for the fisherman or kayaker, or just for those who will be hiking in wet environments.

Whether you are scaling Everest, stalking that trophy elk, or running the rapids Adventure Medical Kits has a Sportsman’s Series kit that is right for you. Available in September of 2012.

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