Whether your objective is a trout stream miles into the high alpine, hiking your local trail network, or tracking a herd of elk through the backcountry, Black Diamond Equipment makes the gear for you. Since 1989, Black Diamond Equipment has been making high-quality outdoor gear that is perfect for adventures from car camping to spending weeks in the wilderness. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Black Diamond Equipment is renowned in the sports of rock climbing and mountaineering for innovation, quality, and an uncompromising dedication to safety in the outdoors. From carabiners to ice axes, if you’ve ever seen video of rock climbing or a documentary on summiting Mt. Everest, chances are very good you’ve seen someone using a piece of Black Diamond gear.

Black Diamond Equipment’s headquarters is staffed by hundreds of employees (and their dogs) that are passionate about the outdoors. On any given Friday you will find the parking lot filled with trucks loaded down with gear and provisions for various weekend trips into the amazingly varied Utah wilderness. In addition, Black Diamond Equipment is a vigorous supporter, both financially and through employee volunteers, of the protection of wild lands all across the West; a cause that benefits climbers, hikers, and hunters alike.

The expansion from climbing and skiing gear into a series of mountain and trail focused products was a logical evolution for the company and they have been dedicated to cutting-edge development of these products for the past 15 years. Currently, Black Diamond Equipment is the global leader in headlamp, trekking pole and backpack innovation.

Spot Headlamp
Brighter and with more features than any comparably priced headlamp in the world, the Spot Headlamp is the light to own if you can only have one. It boasts an array of lighting modes customizable to any backcountry or campsite activity.

Lightweight and compact, the Spot is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end and is powered by three AAA batteries. One TriplePower LED provides 90 lumens of light and is able to power through the darkness up to 230 feet ahead of you. When you are cooking a meal back at the campsite, two SinglePower LEDs disperse the light to focus on tasks right in front of you. Lastly, two SinglePower red LEDs function in red, or night, mode. This is especially handy for preserving night vision when you wake before the sun and also prevents inadvertently waking your cabin mates as they sleep.

A single, easy to use—even with gloves on—button on the top of the Spot operates all functions. In addition to distance, proximity, and night modes, it also features dimming, strobe, and lock modes, as well as a battery level indicator. Dimming allows you to dial in the amount of light needed for a certain task and can prolong the life of your batteries. A strobe function can act as a beacon in emergencies. The lock mode is designed to prevent the Spot from turning on in your pack as you move around in the daytime. The battery level indicator will ensure you’ll never be unexpectedly caught with a dead battery when you’re hours away from camp.

The Spot is protected against splashing or sprayed water from any angle (IPX 4), making it a reliable companion in drizzle, downpour or snow. The Spot is not just for outdoor adventures, though— you’ll find you use the Spot around the house as much as you do on camping or hunting trips. The comfortable hand-free nature of it make tasks like chopping wood or changing a truck tire so much easier that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Trail Trekking Pole
The benefits of using trekking poles are proven and numerous. On a basic level, they provide significantly increased stability on the trail and on rough terrain, especially if you’re hauling a full backpack. Beyond stability, they make traveling uphill, downhill, and on level ground much more efficient; trekking poles will save your energy on hikes of any length. The vast majority of people who use trekking poles for the first time wonder how they ever got by without them. In addition, they are incredibly versatile and can be used for hiking in warmer months and backcountry skiing or snowshoeing in colder conditions.

Black Diamond Equipment’s Trail trekking pole sets the standard for value and features in one compact package. The Trail is a three-section pole that collapses down to just 25 inches, which makes lashing it to the outside of a backpack or packing it for travel incredibly easy. The useable length is 25-55 inches and whether it’s fully extended or fully compacted, the Trail relies on Black Diamond-invented FlickLock Technology. Two low-profile FlickLock tabs are located along the shaft of the Trail and allow users quick and simple deployment or length change. The FlickLock is a huge improvement over other collapseable pole technologies that rely on ineffective twisting or difficult to operate button mechanisms. FlickLock Technology, while incredible easy to operate, is incredibly secure so you can focus on the trail ahead.

The non-slip EVA foam grip on the Trail provides comfortable and breathable grip in either hot or cold climates. Made of the same material, a grip extension allows you to grip down on the poles quickly, which is convenient when a big step, like a boulder or downed tree, comes into your path. The Trail features a 360-degree, padded webbing strap for all day comfort and security. Black Diamond’s WaveLock technology ensures the included carbide Tech Tips will never fall off in use. However, when they become worn down, the Tech Tips can be replaced quickly and easily. The Trail comes with both low-profile Trekking Baskets and 100 mm diameter Powder Baskets for snow pursuits.

Mercury 75 Pack
Black Diamond Equipment packs have been developed for and seen some of the wildest places on earth, including the summits of the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Black Diamond Equipment took the technologies developed for stability, durability, and convenience in high mountain environments and adapted them into their Access Series packs, which are designed for comfort and efficiency on the trail.

Fully-featured and with room enough to pack full amenities for each night in camp, the Mercury 75 pack is the flagship of Black Diamond Equipment’s trail-specific Access Series. The key piece of technology that sets the Mercury 75 apart from its competitors is Black Diamond Equipment’s incredibly comfortable ergoACTIV XP suspension technology. The hip belt moves three-dimensionally on a proprietary ball joint to promote movement and is supported by urethane elastomers to promote stability. The shoulder straps on the Mercury 75 are connected through the bottom of the pack and move in concert with the hip belt. Like independent suspension on a full-size pickup truck, ergoACTIV XP keeps the heaviest loads stable without restricting your movement, and allowing you to move freely, over rough terrain.

Black Diamond Equipment realizes the importance of organized and easy access to gear within a large pack. The main inner compartment can be fully accessed traditionally through the top of the pack or via a C-shaped zip on the front that folds back to reveal smaller accessory pockets. Additionally, an inner divider makes for easy distribution of weight inside the pack. The top of the Mercury 75 offers an ample pocket for essentials like headlamps, sunglasses, and food, while pockets on each side of the hip belt provide quick access to smaller items like a point-and-shoot camera or multi-tool. Retractable loops on the exterior of the pack will secure trekking poles, fishing poles or a hatchet.

For more than two decades, Black Diamond Equipment has been designing gear to withstand the harshest environments and weather, and the Mercury 75 borrows heavily from that expertise. Waterproof taping on the top and bottom protect your gear from rain and being set down on wet ground, and every zipper on the outside of the pack is waterproof. The material the Mercury 75 is made out of is both durable and treated with a special hydrophobic coating to repel rain. Lastly, to make sure the user is as taken care of as his gear is, the Mercury 75 is compatible with any aftermarket hydration system.

These three mountain products from Black Diamond Equipment will provide years of efficient and convenient outings into the backcountry. We’ll see you out on the trails!