By Jason Campbell
CO-Owner – Worldwide Trophy Adventures

We take calls every day from Sportsman’s Warehouse customers that would like our opinion about gear and tactics. We can give you suggestions on the newest gear out there to help make this fall a successful and safe experience. In some cases you guys think that asking our advice will make us think less of you. It’s simply not the case. You may be a mechanic or a brain surgeon, just because I change my own oil doesn’t mean I can rebuild a NASCAR engine. Hunting is no different, even though you may have hunted your whole life you may not know what is new or what to use in a new area or climate. You don’t look stupid for asking basic questions!  But, if you just push through it without getting sound professional advice before you show up in camp, what is worse? We simply live in the outdoors all day-every day, and it’s what we do. Give us a call and we will help you in a way that will arm you with the information and gear that you need to look and act like a pro in a new area or climate. Or we can simply help you modernize your equipment with the new technology that is available for you to use in your own backyard.  

Photos by Brad Garfield

You know another place folks are hesitant to ask advice about is hunting with an outfitter. We often have clients call and confide in us that they simply are afraid of not knowing how to act in an outfitters camp. It can be intimidating to book a hunt even if you have hunted your whole life with family and friends. All you have to do is give us a call. We can help with this. It’s a private call, and we can consult you through the process of equipment, tactics, and information about the species you are hunting. Arming you with some basic geography about the new location will also help you feel comfortable in any conversation around the camp or lodge you are staying at. This knowledge that we share with you will help you have a better overall outdoor experience. If it’s hunting Africa, Alaska, Asia, or most places in the world, we have been there as FULL PAYING CLIENTS!  This sets us apart from other consultants as we are the clients. We can share our personal experience with you and help prepare you for that trip of a lifetime or that weekend in your own backyard.

The application process for big game hunting in the Western U.S. and Alaska is another tool that many of you are hesitant to take advantage of because of questions that you may have. Worldwide Trophy Adventures has a couple of ways to help you with these questions. First, give us a call. We have a full time Application Specialist available year round. Second, email your questions to us at This will give us time to research your question and give you a more comprehensive answer. Another tool that will be available this fall for MEMBERS of Worldwide Trophy Adventures is THE HUNT BIBLE! We feel that The Hunt Bible will re-define how you the hunter will acquire the information needed to make an informed decision on where to apply and plan for your future hunts. All of this information will be included in a single text that includes many, many useful tools that you will use throughout the year. It will become your go-to source for all of your personal hunt information as well as an heirloom text that will house your year to year hunt data for reference and safekeeping! There are many sources for this information out there, we simply felt that it needed to be in a simpler format that you could find in one single text for easier reference. The Hunt Bible provides the sophisticated hunter with all the information they need to get started with a multi-year hunting strategy as well as provide the hunter whom wants to start using the Application Process to subsidize their hunt strategy with a beginning platform to be successful. Once again, The Hunt Bible will revolutionize the way outdoorsmen will acquire the information needed to begin or continue the Application Process and Landowner Voucher hunts.

Landowner Tags represent another opportunity for hunters each year. Worldwide Trophy Adventures can help facilitate and or help purchase Landowner Tags in multiple states. Are you unfamiliar with Landowner Tags?  Every year we have multiple hunters call and ask questions about landowner tags:

  • How do I get one?
  • Is a tag available for my area?
  • Can I hunt the private property associated with the voucher?
  • Do I need an outfitter?
  • What’s the unit like, and where do I hunt in it?
  • Does WTA have maps for the unit available?
  • Can I hunt with any weapon with the voucher?
  • Am I paying too much for the voucher for this year’s hunt dates?
  • How did the animals in the unit winter?
  • Did the unit have drastic changes in tag allocations from the state?

The Hunt Bible will be an incredible asset for your research into where to look for a landowner Voucher or Tag. A Worldwide Trophy Adventures Consultant can help you answer any other questions that you may have. Worldwide Trophy Adventures will also give you advice on what the voucher or tag is worth. Most hunters don’t mind paying a fair price for a voucher or tag, their concern is that even if they can afford to pay more, they don’t want to look foolish for doing so. Worldwide Trophy Adventures will privately consult you through your hunt planning and help you avoid this pitfall. Worldwide Trophy Adventures will arm you with the information you need to not only compete in the field but carry yourself in a manner that reflects a well-informed outdoorsman, both to your associates as well as your outfitter.

Best Regards,
Jason Campbell