We published a review of the Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder in a recent issue, but we had numerous requests to do a video product review on this hot new product.  A must have for the 2012 hunting season.

Out of the box, the compact size will catch your attention.  It is slightly larger than a business card and only weighs 7.5 ounces.  It comes with a heavy duty belt clip that is secured with 3 heavy duty metal screws.  This clip will withstand years of punishment.  The housing is covered with a rubberized armor coating making it easy to grip as well as durable.

The internal operation of this piece of equipment is what makes it so special.  Vortex has taken some very complicated information and made this unit so very simple.  If you are they type of person who likes to open the box, install the batteries and go, then this unit is for you.  It is preset at the factory for the one most widely used program which is (HCD/yards/medium illumination). The HCD stands for Horizontal Component Distance which means that it will take into account the true line of site distance, evaluate incline or decline, and give you the true shooting distance.  In a situation where you have an elk at 400 yards and a 30 degree uphill angle, the Ranger 1000 is going to tell you to shoot the elk for 348 yards.  As long as you know where to hold to make your rifle hit dead on at 385 yards, you will be packing out a trophy.  LOS (Line of Sight) is the other range calculation choice available.  This mode only gives you the actual yardage or meters to your target and the angle of shot which will require the usage of an outside ballistic program on your smart phone or PDA to calculate the correct yardage or holdover.  This setup would be used for a more complex shooter and someone who is looking at shooting out to 1000 yards with steeper angles.

The Ranger is accurate from 11 to 1000 yards and we were able to get reflective targets like rocks or buildings to that distance all the time.  Deer sized (non-reflective) targets can be ranged out to 500 yards according to the booklet that comes with the Ranger, but we were able to exceed that on several occasions. The adjustments which can be made on the Ranger are HDC or LOS, yards or meters, and three different levels of illumination brightness. The “SCAN” mode is also a very unique and easy to use tool when you are in the rain snow or fog and activating it is as simple as holding it down for 4 seconds.

Everything about the Ranger 1000 is very simple and user friendly.  It is ideal for everything from close range archery shooting out to long range rifle shooting.  It has proven to be extremely dependable and accurate and as with all Vortex optics, it has the best warranty in the business.