Sitka Gear, the industry leader in performance hunting gear, was faced with the question, “Why Waterfowl?”

“Because it needed it,” stated Sitka founder Jonathan Hart.

Sitka realized that there was a void in the waterfowl market and that hunters were in need of garments that allowed them to battle the harsh and unruly elements that a waterfowler faces on a daily basis.  From frigid temperatures to tromping through wet and mucky marshes, a waterfowler’s body gets put through all the elements. Sitka Gear’s approach to hunting gear is systematic, helping hunters withstand the exertion level, temperature, wind and precipitation of any hunting scenario.

The new Sitka Gear waterfowl system began to hit the store shelves in July, and from its announcement at SHOT Show, the buzz in the Waterfowling world around the launch has just been tremendous.

Like the other Sitka Gear System’s, the Waterfowl System will keep the hunter warmer and dryer, resulting in a more focused time in the blind or marsh and increasing their chances of a successful outing.

This is done by starting the system out with a next-to-skin layer that pulls moisture away from the skin to keep you dry.  The insulation layer traps warm air to regulate your core temperature and finally the outerwear is your protective barrier to repel moisture and stop the wind.

For the most extreme conditions Sitka Gear products utilize GORE-TEX product technology.  WINDSTOPPER fabrics match the variability of milder conditions.  With WINDSTOPPER technology, a hunter is able to enjoy the enhanced performance that comes with freedom of movement in the full range of hunting and weather conditions.

By using GORE-TEX Fabric, Sitka Gear’s waterfowl line of garments provides hunters with gear that is extremely durable, waterproof and breathable.  With GORE-TEX products you won’t have to worry about keeping the rain out, the warmth locked in, but at the same time not trapping your sweat vapor, leaving you with that uncomfortable clammy feeling.

This premium system is designed with the most demanding waterfowler in mind. From its marquee product, the Delta Wading Jacket to the Hudson Cap, all of the products have been scientifically designed and tested for hunters that desire both maximum comfort and functionality.

Stepping up to the Sitka system another notch, is the GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl Pattern.  Because birds are particularly sensitive to color and continuity with the surroundings the Marsh micro pattern is critically important and is as detailed as possible to confuse bird vision.  The colors, in particular, have been manipulated to create a great deal of depth.

In addition to considering the animals’ vision, the pattern also takes into account engagement distance and positioning of the animal in relation to the hunter:
While most patterns are designed as though the bird is on the ground looking at the hunter – GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl takes into account that the birds are usually above the hunter in flight, and are in constant motion.

Waterfowl hunting is done in a high contrast environment.  Skylight from the horizon, or light reflected from the water surface will shine through gaps in rushes creating concentrated light spots.  GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl pattern is high contrast to be consistent with the environment, and includes elements that are light in color and elements that are darker in color.

Because birds are overhead and in motion, and not viewing the hunter horizontally, the macro pattern in GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl is more vertical than it is in patterns designed for ground prey.
The best waterfowl hunting can take place in the worst weather. Sitka understood this fact and developed the above Waterfowl System, centered on the most effective technical outwear fabric technologies available.  “By understanding this, and executing upon our knowledge, we feel we developed the premier line of waterfowling gear available,” said Hart.

Dakota Vest
Engineered with windproof, breathable WINDSTOPPER fabric and a micro check backer, the Dakota Vest blocks icy winds as an outer layer or acts as a cozy insulation layer.

Duck Oven Jacket
Unites the wind protection of WINDSTOPPER fabric and the lightweight insulating qualities of Primaloft; features Traverse fabric on the bottom third to make tucking in to waders seamless and non-restricting.

Delta Wading Jacket
The lightweight and articulated Delta Jacket features waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabric technology and easily folds into a daypack.

Hudson Insulated Jacket
The Hudson jacket combines GORE-TEX fabric technology and reliable Primaloft insulation to keep hunters warm and dry in late season near ice coated waters.

Pantanal Parka and Bib
The Pantanal Parka features light insulation, GORE-TEX fabric technology and a body-mapped micro check back.  Constructed with a GORE-TEX laminate, micro check backer, and reinforced knees and seat, the Pantanal Bib is appropriate lower-body gear in a layout or in a boat.

Hats and Gloves
Including the Dakota Beanie with WINDSTOPPER fabric, the Hudson Cap and Pantanal glove featuring GORE-TEX membrane and a fleece lining; the Hudson Lobster Mitt with Primaloft insulation and waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabric and the Delta Deek Glove with GORE-TEX membrane and removable liner.