Steve Mayer (L) and Mike Deming (R) team up to kill this giant Nevada public land bull elk during the early rifle hunt the first week of November 2012

After waiting for 15 years to draw a premium Nevada bull elk tag, Sportsman’s News Pro Staffer and Cameraman Steve Mayer finally hit pay dirt. The Sportsman’s News team deployed to Nevada the first a full week before the opener to see if the big bulls we had scouted were still around and in tact. We covered hundreds of miles, burned a lot of four dollar a gallon gas, and spent countless hours behind the optics to turn up our desired target. The opening day finally came and we were on the bull, but gave us the slip at the very last minute. However, day two provided a different result and we got within 300 yards of this trophy. Steve put two great shot into the boiler room to secure this trophy of a lifetime as well as his first bull elk every. His comments were, “This is the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten in 53 years”. I’m happy that we could share this experience together especially since we have been sharing camps for over twenty years. Great job Stevie!