Month: March 2013

Writing Contest: Hunt of a Lifetime – 3 for 3

By Tony J Bernardo Like many of you, I have been entering the Limited Entry Elk Draw for the state of Utah for many, many years.  Fifteen years to be exact before I was lucky enough to receive my letter from the DWR that finally read “Successful”. I am now 57 years old, but I still remember every detail of going on my first deer hunt with my dad at the tender age of six.  Aside from throwing up as I watched my dad gut and clean his buck, I was hooked and I knew that I wanted to...

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Fitness: Less Is More

Fitness in a hunting publication – gross!  Mike Deming has always believed that a fit predator is a deadly predator – thus a column dedicated to fitness for over six years.  Thanks Deming.  Maybe you don’t have time to workout or you’re burnt out on the same mundane routine.  I always preach that routine is the enemy, so keep workouts on shuffle mode and results will find you.  You don’t need a great deal of time to accomplish a lot of work and hopefully see immediate results.  Long and slow workouts are a thing of the past.  Duration has...

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Gone Fishin’ Lodge – Something For Everyone

By Kent Danjanovich Senior Editor As I struggled to land my 20th silver of the afternoon, a boat full of fishermen slowly motored by on their way back to the floatplane pick-up.  The guide said his hello’s to Ralph Crystal, one of the owners of the Gone Fishin’ Lodge and then his last sentence, directed at me, sounded something like this, “Hey Fly Guy, what in the hell are you using?”  A little smile came across my face as I retrieved my fly from my last cast and held it in my open hand to give him a glimpse...

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Wild Game Recipe: Venison Lasagana

A super tasty, easy recipe for any ground game meat. If you had some sausage made, substitute a pound in for a pound of the ground. Get creative while making the meat sauce. You can kick it up with some cayenne pepper or dump in some of your favorite hot sauce. Taste as you go and season however you like it! Make a double batch of the sauce and freeze some for a future meal. There is about a half hour of prep work and 2 ½ hours of total cooking time. This will feed 8 – 10 people,...

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