The totally redesigned Conquest rifle scope by Zeiss has added some high end features from its top of the line models, without adding the high end price. This scope is truly a great scope for those of you wanting to extend your accurate shooting range, without breaking the bank.

This new scope is compact in size, lightweight and built on a one inch tube. Our test model, the 3-15×42, is just over a pound and 13.5” long. The new 5X zoom makes this scope much more versatile than the older Conquest models which were only a 3X zoom. The HD5 comes in three different magnification options 2-10×42, 3-15×42 and the 5-25×50. The 2-10×42 is an ideal scope for those of you spending a lot of time tree stand hunting, where most shots are close up, but an occasional opportunity for an across field shot at several hundred yards isn’t out of the question. The 3-15×42 test model we have been using is ideal for nearly every western hunting situation. The 3X is perfect for those in-the-timber situations when I might be looking for an elk heading to bed while I’m still hunting, but I can crank up the power to 15X when I am planning a 700 yard shot on a bedded Dall sheep. The 5-25×50 is what I consider super magnification and great for target shooters or those of you who really want to push the envelope.

The Rapid-Z reticle is the key to extending your long range shooting with this scope. It comes in 600, 800, 1000 and Varmint models. Determining which reticle is best for your setup is based on the caliber of rifle you are shooting and a visit to the Rapid-Z Calculator on the Zeiss website ( will provide you with this information. You can plug in factory ammo data or personal data from your hand loads to tell you the exact trajectory for each yardage on your reticle. For those of you that prefer a turret instead of an etched reticle, lockable target turrets are available on the two higher magnification models with a standard plex reticle. You also have the ability of having a custom turret cut to your setup and these are provided by Kenton Industries. Kenton Industries is an industry-leader in custom BDC turrets and you can visit them on their website at

The enhanced optical design with T- lens coatings allows for the increased magnification while providing extreme brightness and contrast. As with the other top of the line Zeiss models, LotuTec lens coatings were added to the Conquest HD5 to shed moisture and resist scratching.

On several of the long range shooting forums, questions have been asked about the “Assembled in Germany” stamp on the scope and if it is truly a German product. Make no mistake, this scope is a precision German designed product with top quality craftsmanship and quality control by Carl Zeiss. Each scope is covered by the ZEISS 5-Year No-Fault Policy which means anything that happens to your scope for the first five years is covered 100 percent. After that the ZEISS Limited Lifetime Warranty kicks in for the life of the scope.