Long-range and ultra-long-range shooting is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.  What was once the practice for elite military snipers can now be done by many with the advanced equipment of today.   NIGHTFORCE Optics makes some of the very best products in this field of competition and in 2013; they rolled out the ATACR Rifle Scope in 5-25X56mm.

Not only is this a long-range rifle scope, it is an extreme long range rifle scope suitable for those of you looking to shoot beyond the borders of long-range – beyond a mile.

The Advanced Tactical Rifle Scope (ATACR) has all of the answers for those of you looking to shoot at extreme long ranges/ELR.    The 34mm tube allows for a full 120 MOA of adjustment in elevation and 60 MOA of windage, WOW!   This is 20 percent more than their NXS models which were great for nearly every hunting situation, but a real benefit for those ELR shooters. The High Definition ED glass is an improvement from other models of the past and combined with a 56mm objective, it is a light gathering dream.   Shooting in low light conditions during our testing proved second to none and you are guaranteed to be able to see deep into the shadows to put that fatal shot on a trophy buck in the waning minutes of legal shooting light.

The color contrast with this scope is excellent and gets more obvious with lower light conditions.  This scope is very compact in the world of long range rifle scopes.  It is 14. 3 inches in overall length and the sun shade will add an additional 3 inches.   The mounting portion of the tube is 6.13 inches long and has an eye relief of 3.54 inches.  Click value for elevation and windage is .250 MOA for each click.   This scope comes in two different reticle options: MOAR and MIL-R.   Our test model came with the MOAR™ reticle and .25 MOA adjustments, both are in minutes of angle — and what most hunters will likely choose.  The floating center crosshairs in this model made target acquisition simple out to ranges of over a thousand yards.

It is equipped with the Nightforce original and patented ZeroStop which allows you to quickly get back to your zero, with ease, by bottoming out the elevation adjustment once set correctly.

During our field testing of this scope, I would say that this is one of the very best long ranges scopes I’ve ever had mounted on my rifle, and is well worth the cost of admission for the serious shooter.   Some of the extreme long range shooters who are putting the crosshairs on targets at 3,000 yards have recommend having thinner sub-tensions, but we were more focused on the prospect of using this to harvest big game and targets out to 1,200 yards and we found no place for improvement in this situation.  Nightforce designed the MOAR reticle to be extremely user friendly in the field – it is exactly that.  Visit www.NightforceOptics.com for more information on this scope, its reticles, and Nightforce Optics entire product line.