By Michael Deming

I want to personally thank you for picking up this issue of Sportsman’s News. Many of you have been long-time readers, but some of you may be picking up this free copy of Sportsman’s News for your first time. Regardless, we appreciate your patronage.

Our team works extremely hard at providing you the most current information on gear, which can be purchased at Sportsman’s Warehouse, as well as destinations where you can put that gear to work. The buyers at Sportsman’s Warehouse work even harder sorting through the endless supply of new equipment hitting the market each and every year. They make sure the valuable shelf space in each store has the very best products for you “the customer”. We do our best to educate you on those hard fought decisions on what to buy.

This has been the case for the past nine-plus years. We are constantly striving to use technology to better suit our readers as well. Our website provides archives of the majority of product and destination articles, which have been written for years and we are very proud of it. We give away thousands of dollars of guns and gear each and every year to those of you who participate and visit our site regularly and this will continue.

Until now, picking up a Sportsman’s News has only been available to those of you who live near a Sportsman’s Warehouse or one of the many places we distribute around the west. We now have a new option available with all of the digital media available. We have been testing this process and doing somewhat of a soft launch to work through the bugs. However, we think we have the system figured out and can now fully promote the Digital Edition of Sportsman’s News to everyone. This is a free subscription for those of you who can connect to the Internet. The Digital Edition of Sportsman’s News looks just like the printed version you pick up at the store each and every month, but with a bonus. Products have links direct to Sportsman’s Warehouse’s website where you can purchase the items we are testing and have them delivered to your door. Outfitter destination articles have links to the outfitters website and contact information so you can get up-to-the-minute info on cancellations and trip opportunities. There are plans for the very near future to have exclusive articles designed just for the web version as well, so, make sure you are in on the action by signing up at I know some of you are wondering if we are planning on discontinuing the print version, but we have no intention of doing this ever. We know many of you travel to faraway places with no Internet and we would lose you as a reader. We also know that some of you go to these types of places to get away from the digital side of the world, but still enjoy our publication. Sportsman’s News will always be available at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse. We just want to use all of the new technology available to get Sportsman’s News into anyone’s hands who would like to read it.
Thank you for your continued support.