By Michael Deming

I am super happy to announce to our readers that Savage Arms has signed on to be the sponsor of our “Great Gun and Gear Giveaway” for the remainder of 2013. We are very happy to have them as a sponsor with this program because of the diversity of different guns they have to offer. We already know the majority of guns that will be given away between now and the end of the year. We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag with this, but we will tell you that getting registered for the forums is going to pay some serious dividends to a few lucky winners.

Don’t forget that registering will get you one chance at every prize we give away through this program, but you can gain additional entries for every 25 posts made on the forum. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who have been fishing with the family or friends or have already started putting out trail camera’s and have some photos that all of our members would love to share. I look at the forum on a daily basis when I’m in the office and I really love seeing all the great adventures our reader’s share with us. Why not get involved and share your adventures with other like-minded people from around the country. You don’t need to share your favorite honey hole with everyone, just share the end results.

The second half of our 9th Annual Writer’s Contest kicks off with this August issue as well. The Tejon Ranch of California is going to host this contest. So, one lucky winner will tag along with the Sportsman’s News team in February 2014 to harvest some wild boars outside Bakersfield, California. This will be a future episode of Sportsman’s News Television in our DVD series. These hunts are always action packed and a lot of fun, so make sure you get your stories submitted for a chance to win. Details on how to enter can be found on page 4 of this issue.

Announcing the new contest always means we are closing out the current contest, which has been hosted by Platinum Approved Outfitter “Ranchland Outfitters” of Alberta, Canada. They are a world-renowned waterfowl destination and a place every waterfowler should visit. Senior editor Kent Danjanovich will be along on the trip to keep winner company and help film the adventure this October. We have selected the winner as of press time and are in the process of notifying them and getting confirmation that they will be able to go. Look on our website in coming days to see who won. These late October hunts are ideal for ducks as well as the geese. We haven’t filmed a duck hunting show for over five years and we have had numerous requests from our viewers. So, it made sense to go with one of the best in the business where ducks will be plentiful and the good times even more so. There still should be plenty of geese in the area to get limits on a daily basis also.

At the time of this printing, Ranchland still had one open slot for the week that the Sportsman’s News team would be in the house. So, anyone interested in being part of the show and seeing what goes on behind the scenes at Sportsman’s News should get in touch with Rob Reynolds at Ranchland Outfitters or Kent Danjanovich at Sportsman’s News to reserve that spot.

We have started to get a lot of requests from the folks who purchase the SNTV DVD at the cash registers of Sportsman’s Warehouse about subscriptions. This is something we have avoided because we know how much people like to shop at Sportsman’s Warehouse and if the DVD is the $2.99 excuse you use to get into the store, we didn’t want to rob anyone of that. However, there are a lot of people who travel the country on vacation that don’t have a store in their area that love our DVD line, but need a way to pick up the new edition every 45 days. Each DVD has nearly four hours of western hunting an fishing from not only the Sportsman’s News professionals, but some of the biggest names in the west, like Guy Eastman of Eastmans’ TV and Tom Opre of Eye of the Hunter. We also have some hard-core product testing video each DVD to show you where you might spend your hard earned dollars. We do eight DVD’s each and every year (1 every 45 days). If you would be interested in getting a subscription to the SNTV DVD series for $29.99 a year, please send me an email at We will then be in touch with you to get the ball rolling. We expect this new subscription program to be a big winner!