By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Forged on the battlefield by elite tier one warriors with a passion for hunting, Kryptek Outdoor Group has created the highest quality hunting apparel built on their highly innovative camo pattern
Resembling the scales of a reptile, this 3D approach to camouflage provides the deepest concealment in a multitude of terrains.

The founders of Kryptek, as well as their pro-staffers, have tested their gear to the limits from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to hunting in the some of the most rugged country on the planet, The Founders of Kryptek, Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting, work, play, hunt, and live in the wilds of Alaska where they spend dozens of days each year in the field.

Kryptek clothing is the go-to gear for some of the world’s most elite warriors, from DEVGRU to Delta and is in final consideration to replace the U.S. military’s combat uniforms.

Kryptek hunting clothing is tested, modified, and adapted to these extreme environments and utilizes the latest technology to provide rugged, quiet, and warm gear that will withstand the abuse of prolonged time in the outdoors.

Heavy duty stitching, snag-free materials, and moisture wicking cloth on their base layers afford the wearer the ability to layer their clothing and adapt to changing activity and temperatures.

Double taped seams and zippers, and water repellent fabric, integrated with military tested principals of thermoregulation, ensure that their rain and cold weather gear will keep you warm and dry while also breathing to prevent condensation build up.

All of this is built upon the foundation of Kryptek’s innovative camo technology that ensures the ultimate in comfort, concealment, and usability.

From the placement of the pockets, to the fit of the clothing, each detail has been vetted by the military special operators, law enforcement professionals, and avid outdoorsmen who depend upon this gear for their lives, so you can know that it will get the job done in the field when it counts.

Designed on the battlefield for the backcountry, Kryptek’s quality outdoor gear are the products professionals trust to provide the best success for their hunting needs.

Kryptek is available in Highlander pattern, which is appropriate for transitional environments, at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse store. Learn more at