With hunting season upon us, many of you will be hitting the field for those early fall days. It is great to get out and chase animals, but the scorching heat and long days make for many challenges during this time of year. Keeping your food and beverages cold and frozen is always a concern, especially when a trip to the local convenience store is well over an hour away on rough roads. The second and biggest concern for most of us is getting your game cooled down after the harvest.

Arctic Ice Tundra Series solves both of these problems. We have been testing this product throughout the summer and have become raving fans for not only the Tundra Series, but the Alaskan Series as well.

Both of these products hit the shelves this year and they render other ice substitutes obsolete. Arctic Ice is the name of the new product. The Alaskan and Tundra series are the two different types of re-usable “super cooler packs” which are designed to keep items extremely cold or even frozen for days on end. Both models use a biodegradable Phase-change material derived from the oils of plants. This non-toxic material is reusable for up to 100,000 times. This means it will last well more than one person’s lifetime and save a lot of money on ice along the way. This material is stored in a rugged high-density polyethylene container, which will provide you years of puncture proof service and is 100 percent dishwasher safe. Both models come in 4 different sizes to accommodate your lunch box all the way up to the 150 quart tailgater special.

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Arctic Ice is a great way to quickly cool down your trophy and preserve the meat.

The Tundra Series is designed to keep items frozen, but is a great product to get the temperature of your early season antelope down where spoilage is no longer an issue. It has a freezing temperature of 5 degrees Fahrenheit and will keep items frozen for several days. It takes 36 hours in your freezer at the coldest setting to get completely frozen. The material in the unit is purple in color, but will turn white when it is fully charged and ready to go. This product will freeze items that are put into your cooler, so make sure to choose the right series for the job. This product is a much better alternative to dry ice. Dry ice is very expensive and provides one usage and it also produces carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes love and we don’t need more of those around our camps. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about your meat soaking in eight inches of melted icewater.

A Grizzly Cooler and several of the Tundra Series super cooler packs is just the answer for your early season hunting needs. I can say with confidence, the Arctic Ice products are a must-have for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and who buys ice. The cost savings in ice over just a few years makes having numerous different sizes and models of Arctic Ice well worth the money.