By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Whether you like to plink at cans, hunt rabbits or shoot small game birds, the Savage Model 42 has you covered.

While this diminutive single shot long gun is marketed for youth, it is a perfect size and weight for shooters of all ages. The Model 42 is an over and under rifle and shotgun, in this case chambered in .22 LR and .410 Shotgun.

The sleek polymer stock and black barrels make it a rugged truck gun that will withstand the elements, while also offering the versatility of multiple rifles.  Weighing in at 6.1 pounds with dual 20 inch barrels, the rifle is easy to shoot for marksmen of all ages and sizes. The smaller cheek rest on the butt stock allows easy handling from a multitude of shooting positions or with various ear protection configurations.

The manual of arms of this rifle is so easy a six year old can easily operate all of the functions and controls. A large barrel release at the base of the trigger guard makes it a breeze to break open the barrels for loading and unloading. A manual ejector block permits you to grasp the base of the shell case by simply sliding back a large polymer block. A rotating selector lever on the hammer allows you to instantly switch between firing barrels. The safety and all of the controls are fully ambidextrous so right or left-handed shooters will be equally comfortable with this gun.

With the ease of use of a single shot, the Model 42 is a great training gun. Because it is so easy to load, you would be amazed at how quickly you can burn through a box of .22s.  The crisp trigger ensures dead-nuts accuracy and the adjustable rear sights allow you to customize your point of aim point of impact.

Because it is a double barrel, over/under configuration, the .22 rifle was shooting high at 50 yards from the factory. Obviously they have configured the point of aim for the lower shotgun barrel. Once this was figured out, a little “Kentucky Windage” had the rifle shooting tight groups on target with every shot.

The Model 42 is a great training, hunting or plinking rifle, as well as an essential tool for emergency preparedness and survival. It is lightweight, versatile and a great and fun shooting gun for every shooter.