Energizer has come out with a new line of innovative portable lights. They feature energy saving LED’s coupled with ingenious optical design. This new line is versatile, durable and water resistant. One of these adaptable lights is bound to fit your needs.

3 in 1 Flashlight
This slim handheld light is useful in any situation, runs on 4AA batteries and can put out 150 lumens.  As a flashlight, it has a broad beam to light up a wide area, the pivoting head allows you to aim the powerful even beam in the direction you need it and it has a non-slip grip. For the times when you need your hands free use the sturdy fold out legs or the hanging handle.  The vibrant side panel area light is great for nights reading in the tent or on the back deck.

LED Folding Lantern
This durable area light can run on 4 or 8AA batteries. This provides the option to run on fewer batteries or achieve a longer running time. A kick stand provides a solid base for the light panel, which can put out as much as 300 lumens, enough light to fill a room. The light panel can pivot open and stay in the selected position, great whether you need to light up your desk top or to light up a larger area, like your campsite. This versatile lantern closes flat making it easy to store for emergencies or pack for nights out in the great outdoors.

LED Pop Up Lantern
Don’t let the size of this little lantern fool you. It is small in stature, only 4” when collapsed for storage, but when opened, it provides 360º of radiant even light, 150 lumens worth. It is equipped with a flexible/ detachable hanging handle, making this light weight lantern easy to hang anywhere or carry. It runs on 4AA batteries.

All of the Energizer Light Fusion lights are easy to use. Each comes equipped with a dimming switch to create your own custom lighting level, making the light as bright or as soft as you want it. These efficient lights can provide a maximum of 100 hours of continuous running time, if set at their lowest lumen level.  These lights are compact, durable and resistant to water, making them a great addition to any hiking, camping or boating adventure.