In the realm of navigation, the overarching cry of all GPS users has been, “why can’t my GPS be easier to use? Something like my smartphone would be nice.”

You need look no further than the Garmin 650t. This unit is the most smartphone-like GPS I have ever tested.  The first noticeable feature is the bright, easy to see and smooth 3-inch glass touch screen. The special conductive glass allows the unit to be operated with most general-purpose gloves. Slides are smooth and features we have come to recognize on our smartphones, like slide to zoom, are all integrated into this unit. The GPS contains a duel orientation display that allows you to easily type on its integrated screen keyboard.

Next, you will notice that the Oregon 650t is loaded with features. From easy to program geocaching apps, to instant waypoint marking, the Garmin 650t allows you to easily switch between functions like you do your smart phone apps. Integrated Bluetooth Technology lets you synch waypoints, maps and other features with your computer through Garmin’s award winning free Base Camp application. Units can also sync between other Bluetooth enabled GPS devices for sharing waypoints. The Oregon 650t is also compatible with ANT wireless devices for monitoring heart rate or distance while running.

To make the Oregon 650t even more like your smartphone, they have included an 8 megapixel digital camera and flash. The flash also doubles as an adjustable brightness flashlight. Each photo has the option of being marked with geotag data.

As great as this unit is, the real test of a GPS is how it handles maps. The accuracy of this unit is flawless down to a few feet and it can even mark an individual parking spot in a large lot. An SD card slot allows you to load custom maps or you can use the included US TOPO 100K maps. The Oregon 650t includes GPS as well as GLONASS satellite tracking to improve accuracy. It also includes a built in 3-axis digital compass, an accelerometer and a barometric altimeter to make it the ultimate navigation aid in all kinds of environments. IPX7 waterproofing makes it a robust companion in all kinds of weather and environments.

The unit comes preloaded with a variety of navigation modes from road travel, to running, to hiking and even maritime and aviation modes. It is easy to switch between modes depending upon where you are navigating.

Be sure to check it out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse store.