190" plus typical

190″ plus typical

Sportsman’s News and Atkinson Expeditions teamed up to give away a premium trophy mule deer hunt to one lucky winner earlier this year. Gary Stambaugh of Yukon, Oklahoma was the lucky winner. Sportsman’s News president Mike Deming attended this hunt to help spot and guide this lucky hunter. Day 1 turned up a huge Colorado bruiser which had a big 175-180″ main frame and an additional 18″ of trash. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to get on him before we ran out of daylight. We turned up the giant once again on the second day and was able to bed him. Three hours later, we were inside of two hundred yards rolling camera from two different angles waiting for “Trashman” to take his last breath. Gary’s shot was high and Trashman blew out of the country a little smarter. Unfortunately an auto accident back in Oklahoma required Gary to leave the hunt the next day without getting another chance. Wes Atkinson (owner of Atkinson Expeditions) informed me that he had a landowner voucher that would go unused for the remainder of the hunt. So, we purchased a 2nd season deer tag with the L/O voucher and commenced searching for another big buck. Five days later we turned up a giant typical at nearly two miles away. With only an hour and fifteen minutes of daylight left, we made a mad dash to close the deal. With nearly thirty minutes to spare, we closed out the season with a huge typical Colorado buck with matching kickers. Look for this great hunt on a future episode of SNTV DVD series available at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse store.