Now more than ever, firearms enthusiasts are faced with tough choices when trying to outfit their hunting, target or modern sporting rifles with new optics.  The number of options seem endless, the task daunting.  Features such as illumination, overall windage and elevation adjustment, bullet drop compensation and magnification range need to be considered.  Personal choices on affordability and durability need to be made.  This is where Redfield® riflescopes come in to the picture.

Counter_cmykRedfield’s 2013 scope introductions are the perfect solution to many, if not all, of the questions that must be answered when choosing a new optic.  For the hunter there is the Revenge® Dial-N-Shoot™ (DNS™), with a range estimating reticle and Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) dials.  The precision bolt action, modern sporting or rimfire rifle shooter will find the Battlezone™, with a Minute of Angle (MOA) reticle and BDC dials.  And for the person that needs an optic for close and rapid target acquisition, there is the Counterstrike™ Tactical Red Dot Sight which features zero magnification and a visible laser.

Starting at $249.99, the Redfield Revenge DNS riflescope offers an unprecedented combination of ranging capability and long range shooting precision geared towards the big game hunter looking for an affordable, durable and weatherproof scope that won’t fail, No Excuses™.  With a magnification range of 3x to 9x and a 42mm objective lens, the fully multicoated lens system delivers a bright and clear image with stunning resolution.  The fast focus eyepiece provides a wide field of view and makes reticle focus easy to achieve and maintain.   Each DNS is also nitrogen filled to remain absolutely fog proof and waterproof regardless of the environmental conditions.

Within the lenses of the DNS sits the Accu-Ranger Accu-Plex™ reticle which offers precise ranging for targets out to 600 yards and features markings on the horizontal crosshair in two MOA increments, allowing the shooter to quickly compensate for wind drift.  Determining the range to the target with the Accu-Plex® reticle is simple.  The ranging portion of the reticle consists of four parts, a 16 inch and 25 inch bracket, a range scale in the vertical post and a range indicator wire.  The 16” bracket is designed for use on a deer sized animal and the 25” bracket for elk.  When the magnification is adjusted to properly bracket the target, the distance to the target is given where the range indicator transects the range scale.

In addition, each Revenge DNS riflescope comes with five pre-engraved dials, one with 1/4 MOA indicators and four BDC dials.  The BDC dials are engraved to match the ballistic profiles of the most popular hunting cartridges.  These dials, marked in 50 yard increments, are calibrated to achieve adjustment to specific distances quickly and easily.  For example, if the target is ranged at 400 yards, simply turn the DNS elevation adjustment to 400, hold the center of the reticle on the target and squeeze the trigger.  The same holds true for distances falling between yardage marks; if the target is ranged at 350 yards, the dial should be set on the mark that lies between the “300” and “400”.

The Redfield Battlezone scope line was designed for the AR, modern sporting, precision bolt action and rimfire rifle enthusiasts.  There are two models available for centerfire applications and one model specifically for .22 Long Rifle.  Starting at $239.99, the Battlezone provides all the features and benefits that tactical and rimfire shooters need, in an economical package.

Battlezone_cmykLike the Redfield DNS, all Battlezone scopes feature an advanced fully multicoated lens system, fast focus eyepiece and are nitrogen filled to be fog proof and waterproof, but the similarities end there.  The Battlezone is equipped with aggressively knurled pop-up ¼ MOA elevation and windage adjustments that provide tactile and audible clicks to assure precision, repeatability and a wide range of adjustment travel, up to 70 MOA.

There are two models of the Battlezone that are applicable for centerfire rifles, the 3-9x42mm and the 6-18x44mm.  Both of these scopes contain the new Tac-MOA™ reticle which has stadia lines, at 2 MOA increments in the 3-9x42mm and 1 MOA increments in the 6-18x44mm, on the vertical and horizontal crosshairs.  This allows shooters to quickly compensate for wind or bullet drop and can be used for range estimation on targets of a known size.  Each of these scopes also comes with two BDC dials, one for the .223/5.56 NATO and one for the .308/7.62 NATO.  The .223/5.56 NATO dial is calibrated for 55 grain bullets with a velocity of 3100 feet per second, while the .308/7.62 NATO is set up for 168 grain bullets at 2650 feet per second.  Like the Revenge DNS, these dials are marked in 50 yard increments and are designed to adjust to specific distances quickly and easily.

Redfield also builds a scope designed specifically for .22 rimfire use.  The Battlezone Tac.22™ 2-7x34mm is the perfect scope for hunting small game and target practice.  It shares all the same features of its centerfire counterparts, including a BDC dial.  The dial for the Tac.22 is calibrated for a .22 Long Rifle shooting a 36 grain hollow point bullet at 1260 feet per second and the dial is marked from 50 to 150 yards.  If the BDC dial is not needed, a dial marked in ¼ MOA is also included.

Cover_09I6617Both the Redfield DNS and Battlezone are covered by Redfield’s “No Excuses” Lifetime Warranty.  This warranty simply states that “All Redfield non-electronic products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and function at a high level under normal use conditions for as long as the owner owns them.”

For the shooter that needs an affordable sight for rapid target acquisition, there is the Redfield CounterStrike™ Red Dot Sight, priced at $224.99.  Packed with features, the CounterStrike is a unique combination of a user selectable 4.0 MOA  Red/Green Dot sight and an integrated visible red laser. The Red/Green Dot features 11 illumination intensity settings, including two that are night vision capable. A 30mm maintube and ½ MOA click windage and elevation adjustments provide a wide range of precision adjustment, while tethered adjustment covers prevent loss in the field. The integrated visible red laser sight allows target engagement from almost any position and features separate on/off controls and locking windage and elevation adjustments. The laser can be used in conjunction with the red/green dot or separately.

Powered by a readily available CR-123A battery, which is included, the CounterStrike features exceptional battery life which is aided by an auto shut off after five hours of activation. Depending on the illumination setting, battery life ranges from 500 to 5000 hours.  However, use of the external laser will shorten these runtimes.  The integral MIL-STD 1913/Picatinny rail mount provides fast, repeatable mounting and dismounting.  Also included with the CounterStrike are flip back covers that will protect the fully multicoated lens surfaces from scratches and the elements.  The CounteStrike is covered by Redfield’s “No Excuses” electronics warranty which promises the product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

With its 2013 scope introductions, Redfield has shown its commitment to the needs of today’s hunters and shooters.  The Revenge DNS, Battlezone and CounterStrike truly define ruggedness, performance, durability and value.