Once you’ve harvested your game, turning it into edible portions of butchered meat will allow you to enjoy your harvest for the rest of the year. Many choose to use a commercial processing plant for this chore, but taking your harvest from the field to the table with all the steps in between is very rewarding. It will also save you a significant amount of money as well as provide you with the knowledge of what is in each package of meat.

Outdoor Edge has been a leading name in knives and butchering kits for many years and one of the many butcher kits they make available as well as instructional videos will break this process down for even the first timer. Each kit provides you with all the tools you need to process just about any big game animal. The Outdoor Edge Game Processor comes as a 12- Piece Portable Butchering Set. This is Outdoor Edge’s largest kit and it comes with everything you will need while out in the field. It allows you to process the meat wherever you are, ranging from small fowl, up to your larger game animals. This kit contains a 3” caping knife, 4 ¼ ” gut hook-skinner, 5 ½” boning knife, Tungsten Carbide sharpener, 8” bowie style butcher knife, 10” double-ground wood/bone saw, 5 ¼ carving fork, heavy-duty game shears, cutting board, three pair of surgical gloves, a Steel Stick Ultimate Spreader for the body cavity and it comes in a hard-sided carry case. Each knife features full tang construction and uses high carbon 420 stainless steel to provide superior strength and durability and keeps edges razor sharp. Each individual knife is lightweight and easy to handle, comes assembled with a nonslip grip and works well even when your hands are wet. This is a top of the line item that Outdoor Edge has and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The Outdoor Edge Butcher Lite is ideal for those on the go. This lightweight portable butchering kit comes with an 8-piece tool kit that includes a nylon roll pack that converts to a belt scabbard, allowing for easy one hand access to each tool. This kit packs the same punch as its’ big brother having all the same knifes, while scaling down the wood/bone saw to 6-inches, keeping the weight down for those pack-in jobs. The entire kit tips the scale at 2.4 pounds. So if you are looking for a simple, yet extraordinary butchering kit, this one is for you. The newest edition to the Outdoor Edge family is the Wild-Pak. It is also an 8-piece game processing kit that comes in a compact hard side case. This kit comes with three, 420j2 steel blades. The nonslip, rubberized blaze-orange handles make them easy to locate while processing your animal and the elk antler inlay makes for a solid grip. This processing kit includes, caping knife, gut-hook skinner knife, 4 ¼ boning/fillet knife, 6” wood/bone saw, carbide knife sharpener, ribcage spreader and game cleaning gloves.