Good shooting depends on a variety of factors and knowing the distance to target is one of the biggest keys to accuracy. The Bushnell G-Force ARC 1300 is loaded with features at a price that is available to everyone.

The feature-rich device is packaged in a rubberized armor case that makes it a dependable workhorse for whatever abuse you can throw at it. The textured rubber coating makes it easy to grip in all kinds of weather and with heavy gloves.

Coated optics and 6 times magnification ensure you will be able to get an accurate hold on your target and won’t fog up in the cold.

A BAK-4 roof prism and multicoated lenses offer crystal clear viewing of your target in low light, as well as exceptional clarity in a variety of conditions.

Whether you are hunting with a rifle or a bow, the G-Force is the rangefinder for you. It has both rifle and archery modes with ranges of between 5 to 1,300 yards and is accurate within half a yard from between 5-125 yards in increments of 1/10th of a yard and within one yard up to 1,300 yards.

A wide field of view shows you 393 feet at 1,000 yards so you can see your target and what is around it as well as easily acquire your target against a cluttered background.

The G-Force doesn’t just provide distance to target, but also includes Bushnell’s Variable Sight In (VSI) mode to provide distance, angle compensation with ARC and bullet drop data in MOA, inches, centimeters, or mils. BullsEye, Brush, and Scan modes allow you to easily pick out your target in all kinds of terrain and environments. This feature will help you look through tall grass or brush to pinpoint your target with minimal interference with objects in the foreground or environmental factors such as rain or fog.

Ten different rifle modes correspond with ballistic data available on Bushnell’s website so you can select the proper ballistic and bullet drop and angle compensation data for your specific load.
The Extreme Speed Precision (ESP) Turboprocessor makes this one of the fastest and most accurate laser rangefinders for the price.

The G-Force ARC 1300 also includes a tripod mount for improved stability. It is available in either black or Realtree AP camo. It is a bit heavier than some other rangefinders on the market, weighing in at eight ounces, but that additional weight is the price you pay for the rubberized all metal housing and rugged dependability. The unit is easy to use and comes with an easy to read intuitive interface that provides a wide range of options without information overload.

I particularly like how compact the unit is, compared to some others with comparable features. It is just 3 inches high, 3.5 inches long, and around an inch wide, so it takes up less space in my pack, pouch, or pocket. It also comes with a well-made nylon carrying case with a built in belt slide loop and a carabineer for clipping it to web attachment points available on most field backpacks.

Check out the Bushnell G-Force ARC 1300 at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse gift bar and see all of the features packed into this tiny package at a price that makes it one of the best values out there for a rangefinder of this quality.