By Michael Deming

Happy New Year! As I sit down to write this column and look over the editorial calendar for 2014, I see a lot of exciting stuff ahead. The lineup of cover stories from various trips taken last year is amazing. Having ten plus years in the business as well as the solid foundation of Sportsman’s Warehouse has some of the very best outfitters in the world wanting to work with us, which means great articles and shows for SNTV for all of 2014 and beyond.

The Digital Edition of Sportsman’s News has been a huge success with hundreds of news subscribers each and every week. If you haven’t signed up yet, please take the time to do so because 2014 will be a huge push for digital only content. We will still have the printed version of Sportsman’s News at all the Sportsman’s Warehouse store locations for years to come, but we have hired additional writers to provide us with digital only content on a monthly basis. With more and more people carrying smart phones and tablets on a daily basis, this appears to be the trend people are taking when reading our publication. We don’t mind saving a few trees along the way. Not that we are tree huggers or anything, but it does provide more forest for our critters to hide in.

We have brought on long range shooting and industry expert Shane Adair from Adair Precision to be a monthly writer in the digital edition as well as the printed version. Shane lives in our area here and is very well known for his long range shooting accomplishments in the field. He has been working at his craft for several decades and has impressed me with his knowledge since our first meeting. He isn’t a gunsmith who builds his own guns, but a craftsman who takes off the shelf guns and tweaks them with triggers, stocks, appropriate scopes, and the right ammunition to make most of them long range tack drivers. His style fits with the great majority of our readers extremely well as most of us don’t have five grand to drop on a custom rifle. However, most everyone has a hunting rifle they would all love to shoot a little better. Shane is going to address the myths about long range shooting this year as well as explain what it takes too ethically and humanely take game at ranges out past several hundred yards.

We always get a lot of feedback when we write articles or film shows showing us shooting animals in excess of five hundred yards. It is usually always negative, so I wanted to take the time to educate those readers about what it takes to become a professional in this area. We at Sportsman’s News and Sportsman’s Warehouse don’t condone the long range shooting at animals unless you are willing to do the ongoing training we put ourselves through on a weekly basis. I wouldn’t consider trying to make a 64 yard field goal on a frigid Sunday afternoon in Denver as Matt Prater did against the Titans, but that is because I’m not a professional kicker and I don’t spend countless hours on the practice field waiting for a moment like that to happen. However, I’m not going to tell Matt he shouldn’t be taking long shots like this when I know he does the practice to be able to execute at crunch time. We plan on educating our readers about all that goes on with equipment, testing, and training, to be proficient with your weapon. If you are willing to do the practice and have the ability, we will give you the tools to shoot accurately at 800 plus yards which is just a few hundred feet short of a half a mile. Make sure you read my introduction interview with Shane Adair on page 20 and familiarize yourself with his history; and if your rifle needs setting up, he can help you with this as well.

The digital only portion is going to allow us to select one additional writing contest entry each and every month as well. So, for those of you who have submitted us stories from your great experiences keep checking in; as you have just doubled the chance of getting your story published with the digital edition.

We look forward to a great 2014 and want to thank each and every one of you for picking up or subscribing to Sportsman’s News. If there are products you would like to see reviewed this year, please let us know.